Friday, November 5, 2010


I have posted before of my FRENCH ancestory...
the French love mirrors and they love embellishment..

HERE we have a little of both.....I've collected mirrors for many years....small ones, large ones, middle sized ones

TOO LITTLE wall space.....too many mirrors...

SO.....this little mirror is my this week's give away.


that's it

O.K.......I'll start......

I'm blind in my right eye....probably  the reason for all the unfocused pics.....teeheee......


Winner of last week's give away.....Gerry

Please stop by and say hello to her.

have a beautiful weekend dear friends.

   P.S. Gerry....please contact me with your mailing address and I will get this out in the mail to you


  1. I love the pretty mirror, Jo. How sweet of you to give it away. Now, what can I tell you? I am left handed!! I'm sorry~I am an open book on my blog and am afraid I have no secrets!! I gave it a shot!


  2. Hello Jo... so pretty! I hope you don't regret parting with these tresors later on... you are so generous... okay, now about me... I was a complete tomboy growing up! Yep, my mama dressed me in pretty fufu clothes she made, and always curled my hair, and tied satin ribbons in it... I loved these pretty things too, but I could hit a baseball farther and climb a tree faster than any of the neighborhood boys! Fun post!... xoxo Julie Marie (PS Please disqualify me from your giveaway though as I already won some of your beautiful tresors! Merci!)...

  3. I love that mirror!....
    now...My 2 daughters called me Dragonlady behind my back when they were younger and when they grew up, told me about it..We have a good laugh about it now, and that is why my blog is called Dragonlady..

  4. Hi Joe,
    This mirror is gorgeous and I cannot believe that you are parting with it! Some lucky person is going to own it soon.

    When I'm nervous, I bite my fingernails! I try not to, but sometimes I do it without even knowing I'm doing it! LOL.


  5. That is a gorgeous little treasure. Geez. What surprising thing can I say about myself.

    I can draw with my toes? Yea, it's true. My toes can hold a pencil.


    Pathetic claim to fame! ha!

  6. Josette you are such a generous soul to giveaway this lovely mirror. I would be honored to be included in the drawing. Something you don't know about me:
    I am a fussy and prissy female who does not like dirty or messy anything...yet I love crafting...glue, ink, paint, glitter, etcetera and all of it messy! Go figure...

  7. I can't believe you can part with this beautiful mirror.
    Tell you something about myself.....well, I have never unpacked all the boxes when we moved here 7 years ago. I have a bedroom with all of the boxes in there and have no idea what's in them.....YIKES.
    Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  8. Jo your giveaways are lovely! Congrats to Gerry on her big win. I know she is excited.
    Since I am a open book on my blog it is hard to think of something no one knows.
    Since I was a little girl I always thought that I was really born in Maine not Texas. Silly since I have never been there but have always wanted to go.

  9. How beautiful!
    Something about myself: my name (Piroska) means Little Red Riding Hood!
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  10. Ooh such a very pretty mirror. How interestingly poetic that you ask to tell us something about ourselves and you are giving away a mirror! I will tell you that once I surprised my husband for his birthday by showing up at his workplace wearing a pink gorilla suit.

    Hope your weekend is a happy one.

  11. oooooo! That lucky gal, winning that fabulous crown!!! I WANT TO ENTER THIS ONE TOO, and something that would surprise you.....hmmmmm...AH! YES!:

    I was an extra in two movies.

    Rocky II
    Steven Spielberg's 1945 with John Belushi

    There you go! Anita

  12. How generous to have a giveaway a week! Let's see....something about me....I worked at a Convent during my summer breaks as a teenager and got to meet Mother Theresa one summer when she came to visit.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. OMG that mirror is gorgeous!! I love it. Hmm, something about me? I've had two corneal transplants in my right eye within the past year.

    Hugs XX

  14. Beautiful!
    Let's see, something about me... I would rather eat homemade bread than chocolate any day.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog!

  15. You want me to surprise you!? Okay ... I am as onery as can be ... kidding! Just old!

    Love the mirror & CONGRATS to Jerry on her win.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydo

  16. Hi Jo

    It's me Tracy at It's an Average Life...about 7 weeks ago you left a lovely comment on my blog, the one about Paying it Forward. You didn't specify about whether you wanted to be featured, but I am going to feature your blog tomorrow on my Pay it Forward series. I hope that is okay!

    BTW lovely mirror. My grandmother had two antique mirrors from france that she left to me, they were so beautiful, but I passed them onto my nieces, thought that they would enjoy having something that belonged to their great grandmother as I have the memories, and they do not.

    What a lovely thing for you to do!

    PS, you might not recognize the blog as I have overhauled it's look

  17. Jo, this is one
    gorgeous mirror!!
    Someone is going
    to be very lucky,
    indeed. Okay, here
    is my surprise. My
    first job out of
    college was selling
    copiers and memory
    writers for Xerox!
    Ugh! It involved
    door to door {offices}
    selling and cold calls
    on the telephone. I
    only lasted there a
    year and a half before
    moving on. The economy
    was bad and I needed a
    job, even though I knew
    at the time in my heart
    that it was a poor match
    for me. No writing, there,
    except proposals and contracts.
    Wish we could age backwards!
    Thank you for the chance to
    win this lovely piece.
    xx Suzanne


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