Monday, November 8, 2010

CRONES DON'T WHINE..............

I have borrowed the above phrase from a book by JEAN SHINODA BOLEN, M. D.
She is a very wise author on understanding the process of getting older and wiser.

Recently, I have suffered a major I'm not talking about the usual every day things....I'm TALKING ABOUT A MAJOR LIFE CHANGING EVENT....ONE THAT HAS MADE ME SIT UP AND PAY ATTENTION........
it has made me view people and my surroundings in a completely different light.
oh I know you are thinking at my age I would of figured some things out....but life is a lesson to be learned and we are never to old to learn or be taught.

This is what I have learned:

"Crones trust their instincts about people and principles."

"Trust grows through growing older and wiser, through learning from life."

"A painful lesson taken to heart makes an impression."

Not everyone you want to help.......wants your help.

some people never get it.....

During this upcoming holiday season embrace where you are and whoever you are with....
the only person you can work on changing is YOURSELF.



Gentle readers.....hopefully I have not offended anyone with todays' post......but I had to get this off my chest.




  1. Hi Josette: When I was much younger I thought "crones" were just old crabby witches. Now as I grow older and hopefully wiser I am embracing "crones" as those who have gone before us and know what we need to learn. I actually aspire to become a "crone" some day. I do hope you are well...

  2. You're definitely right there. We're never too old too learn.

  3. Sorry to hear you've had a painful disappointment, but glad you know how powerful and wise you are!

  4. Beautiful..i have always been a crone at heart and in my I take no offence..i adore every word..I love the wisdom of crone magic! Beautiful post..hugs to you and what you recently went through!
    You are a shining star always!

  5. i'm so sorry for your recent disappointment. they
    just seem to keep on coming.

    my prayer is that the Lord will bring swift consolation
    to your sore heart.

    this crone is going to try to keep from whining.

  6. I like that phrase "crones don't whine", and we are learning as we age, or most of us are. I also like the phrase "do you want some wine with that whine?" Silly, I know.

  7. From one 'upandcoming' crone hopefully with wisdom to another 'upandcoming' crone with wisdom (before we know it!) disappointments are less if the expectations are less! Not to be said with any offence. This too will pass so be of cheer to lighten the load!

  8. I learnt that lesson early my friend, in my early 20's to be exact... I am sorry that something has happened to make you feel this way... It always seems to be the sweetest people that suffer the grief of others. You are a lovely soul Josette!


  9. Jo, I'm so sorry someone hurt you. I hope and pray that your heart will heal swiftly. It's never fun to feel hurt or betrayed. I think we've all been there. And in regards to whining, I have a magnet for my refrigerator that says, "The More You Whine, The Longer God Lets You Live!" ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  10. The learning NEVER STOPS and the older I get, the better it gets.....But we have to choose, don't we dearest? Have a silent and wonderful evening....Anita

  11. great post. I will take these words to hear. I,too, have changed my view of crones...I guess I now qualify as one!


  12. Hello Jo... hmmm, not sure I totally understand what has happened, but I do hope you are okay... I have never heard the word crone used quite that way before... I always trust my instincts, but don't think of myself as a crone... xoxo Julie Marie

  13. I have lived long enought to know you can not please everyone all of the time, So I try to be just myself and I think that is ok. I am sorry your heart hurts.

  14. What a great post. I am over hear from finding you at Average Girls blog.

    I am an old crone....just turned 59. And boy, am I still learning and growing and yes trying not to whine in the process.

    I too....just this weekend, discovered that NOT EVERYONE I WANT TO HELP..WANTS MY HELP.
    It hurt, I cried a little (no, actually a lot) but calk it up to another lesson learned.

  15. You have such a wonderful blog. I have enjoyed all your lovely photos. When you listed all your favorite things, I was surprised that you didn't mention photography, since you seem to be so good at it. Your little anecdotes are sweet. Please know that I will remember your grandson in my prayers. I hope your own problems are resolved. And thanks for visiting my blog.

  16. Hello Josette,

    I stopped by after reading about you at An Average Life in Tracy's "Pay It Forward" series. She was sweet enough to feature my blog a couple of weeks ago. Lovely to meet you! You have a beautiful blog. I've signed on as a new follower!

    Please do stop by sometime and say hello!

    Martha from

  17. -Not everyone you want to help, wants your help.

    -The only one we can really change, is ourselves.


    Wisdom I am still trying to fully, deeply learn and incorporate into my own life. Still trying, even this late in my own Crone-hood. -sigh-

    Gentle hugs...

  18. I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment!

    What you said about not everyone you want to help wants your help definitely hits home for me.

  19. i cannot hardly think of a kinder soul...and to think that one could cause you pain, is beyond my comprehension....
    i am so happy you are standing up and moving on...
    but still, my hugs come to you at the thought of your hurt.

    hug and love

  20. This is one of the things I love about blogging Jo...getting it off your chest. Very well said!

    Jeanne xx

  21. Creative Researcher Of New Experiences.

    Chatty Crone

  22. Dear Chatty......I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!


  23. What I have learned is that no one wants to hear a whiner. Oh yes! they pretend to listen but can't wait till you are finished so therefore the best thing is to suck it up and not whine. Except to the cat or dog, they really do listen.... I think.

  24. Josette, I understand.
    Whining is really saying that how you feel is someone else's fault....and we older and wiser know, it is never anyone else's fault. We hold our own power.So maybe that is why crones never whine?
    I hope that whatever major disappointment you have experienced brings you closer to your own self, and more loving and appreciative of your own heart.
    Hugs of love,


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