Monday, September 13, 2010


All right....for those who are wondering what in the world is a Wiener  Dog race.......I'm right there with you!!  LOL  
This wonderful event took place this last Saturday behind one of the local pubs in our Little Town.

Anyone who owned a Daschound (s.p. I don't have a clue how to spell this breed's name) (O: could participate.

There were a lot of takers....with each owner proudly parading his sweet pooch across the stage before participating in it's event.

THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE train these sweet little dogs to race to the finish line!!

After several heats.....we had first, second and third.

First place winner this year Was LUCY with runners up Liberty and Freedom.  Notice the little capes on Liberty and Freedom

That is LUCY taking her winning bow!!!!

Oh dear friends.....I soooo LOVE a small town....These 
folks and their traditions are what has made our country what it is.  By the way....all proceeds from this event went to support 
THE SHRINER'S HOSPITALS ......which help family's who have small children needing extensive medical care.

God bless everyone of them and all of you dear friends!!




  1. ~~*~LOL I love it!!! A weiner dog race~ I wish I could have been there..sooo cute!!~*~* ;)Rachel

  2. That had to be so much fun watching all those little short legs running for that finish line.

    I have great respect for the Shriner's Hospitals. A toddler whose mother I was a close friend to pulled a vaporizer off on himself, burned his arm to the bone. Shriner's paid for all his medical bills and scheduled all the surgeries he needed to repair his arm.

    Love the pictures.


  3. LOL How funny!! I have a weiner dog...he would have ran after the other dogs to sniff their butts!! LOL My Father was a Shriner, many years ago....It is indeed a good cause.

  4. How Precious Jo!!
    I envy you for living in a small town. I used to and really miss it! Your blog posts are so delightful lol!!

  5. Yay...looks like so much fun Jo! Fabulous post...full of spirit and energy!

  6. Hello Jo... what a fun post! As you know, I love small towns and the traditions that go with them... I also LOVE weenie dogs! Those are all too cute!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Oh...I so enjoyed reading about the wiener dog races. In my daughter's town, they have them every year at the fair. I have always wanted to go and watch them--they are so...cute! And what a wonderful cause....

  8. JO!!!! I finally made it after a LONG DAY at school!!! This new school year is demanding; during prep hour, lunch and after school, I have to meet with colleagues. It is tiring! come and see your comment and post is a treasure. I live in Minneapolis and our first year here, we went to a PIG RACE! HEEEE! YOu saw right...a PIG RACE! These little pink wonders chase an oreo cookie to the finish line! Oh I love the midwest....AND, after an intensive first week of school, I slowly meandered through that wonderful magazine you sent me; I will be studying it carefully as I already saw some inspiring rooms to create in! We are renovating, so my art studio will be in the basement and my ground level studio is for my music and writing. Oh thank you dearest jo for that mag....and God bless you. THANKS FOR COMING TO SLIP ON SOME PEARLS!!! Bisous, Anita

  9. I LOVE weinie dogs!! They are so cute and smart. I used to have two.

  10. How adorable !!! And what a wonderful cause they are helping. I too love living in small town...such community spirit!!!
    Pamela xo

  11. Hilarious!
    Look at those short little legs gooooooo!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Big hugs,

  12. What a beautiful blog! I'm so happy you stopped in my blog so I could come by and see yours! I'll be following....thanks for sharing such sweet musings:)

  13. Oh Jo! This is an event I wish I could have attended. Are they cute or what! I love small towns. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  14. What fun that looks like:) They do look like little hotdogs. Ha Ha And the Shriners do such great work, it was worth the run:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  15. Oh how fun!! I used to have a long-hair Dachie...Very full of energy!

  16. Yes, I do know what a wiener dog is! :-)

  17. Hi Jo!

    What a lovely blog you have! And I truly enjoyed the wiener race, having 2 Doxies!! How cute was that race?? I love small town events... they're becoming harder to find as towns grow larger & larger around here.
    Loved your self-worth/self-esteem post!!

    Hugs, sherry

  18. I love the picture of them flat out running...How cute they are!

  19. I love the name of your blog!! Weiner Dog fun and cute!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting! Angie xo

  20. I don't know how I came across your blog... but I will tell you that that is the best post I have seen today... probably because I have a mini daschund named Fred and he loves loves loves to run... Thanks for putting a much needed giggle on my face!



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