I know....this is a picture of a sofa AND NOT A MIRROR.....but there is a reason.

I just received the most fabulous mirror from one of the best stores in Kansas.

In some of my previous posts I have indicated that sweet hubby and I do some traveling in a motor home.  We go all over the country....and have quite a good time.  Anyway....we were in Kansas City, MO.....a fabulous city I might add; and I saw an add for a little store across the bridge in Praire Village, KS named CURIOUS SOFA.  With a name like that I could not resist; so we went on over for a look.  I bought a few little things and we continued on our journey.  That was over two years ago.  

Well....since I've started blogging, I ran across Curious Sofa's blog and I check in periodically  Low and behold.......last time I checked in I saw this.......

I usually would not post about stuff I buy; but this find was so  beautiful and special I wanted to share it with you.

I love the little finial on the top.....it unscrews, and the mirror is in that perfect state 
of old and chippy.

I love mirrors; and have many hanging in my home.  I think it is because of the light reflection and what the mirror reflects that sets my heart a patter.

This one was too perfect to pass up!!

Did you notice the little platforms on each side.....too cute!

Oh.....can you tell I'm overjoyed!!

Ok.....enough......I just had to share my special treasure.

Have a great rest of the week dear friends.



  1. A great tale with a happy ending. I love the mirror, Jo!!


  2. Love the mirror; I hope someday to go to this shop!
    How fun~

  3. I am glad you shared your great new treasure!! Enjoy!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Hi Jo, This is gorgeous and reminds me of some of the stuff we've been digging out of our barn as we live in the house where my hubby grew up and his pa never threw one thing out! Have a good weekend coming up, Mollye

  5. Ooh great find! can't wait to see where you put it up..it's lovely!



  6. I love mirrors too! So I certainly applaud your happiness and luck. ^_^

  7. Interesting piece. Just wondering if it is old or a new piece made to look that way. Looks great either way!
    Country Blessings,


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