Monday, April 12, 2010


This weekend we finally were able to see our grandson.  Sweet hubby and I have not seen him for over a month due to my foot being broken and the fact that we came down with some kind of horrible virus that lasted a little over three weeks.

Anyway, he spent the weekend with us and we had a blast.  Grandma wanted to treat him so I took him to Toys R Us.  You know......the toy store that has EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD THAT MAKES A SOUND OR LIGHTS UP!!! I asked him what he wanted to get; and he told me he wanted a new book.
I was very impressed that he would want a book out of everything he could have chosen.
"Yeah, Grandma, I want "The Diarrhea of a Wimpy Kid".  "What", I said.  He repeated the same thing again.  Ok......I'm thinking, I know little boys are obsessed with bodily functions so maybe this book is out there.  How would I know??

We get to the store, he runs right to the book section............and this is what he finds!!!!

I thought I would pee my pants, I laughed so hard. I LOVE my Grandson!!!

Blessings dear friends.....have a great week!!



  1. That is the cutest thing ever Jo! I am still laughing, becuse my oldest grandson also reads the Diary series, so I already knew what was coming...just precious aren't they? xoxo Christel

  2. Oh he is a little doll and how funny. I know you and Gramps had the bestest time. I have a nine year old great grandson, Kane who favors your sweet boy and wonder if he also reads the diarrhea series:) Too funny and if you don't mind sharing..........what photo program do you use to get the round backgrounds on black? They are just stunning. Hugs, Mollye

  3. What a cute grandson. This story is PRICELESS! Great that he wanted a book and how fun to spend treasured time together. Happy memories...

  4. What a cute little boy and he loves to read!
    That's so wonderful. I love his pronunciation! Hilarious! Only out of the mouth of babes.


  5. A sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm! I just love the name of your blog. My grandmas Edna and Ellen were tremendous women - I wish I knew them better and longer. I found you on The Feathered Nest and had to stop by, happy I did. Love the grandson story - kids are wonderful! Ciao, bella!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, love seeing new posts-
    Totally agree- finding what you love is so important.

    Love the Diary of a Whimpy kid, my kids loved those books, and i think a movie is coming out too.

  7. Too funny! I was thinking it must be a new Captain Underpants book or something... I love it! So adorable. He might not think it's so funny in about five years or so, but it's stilll hilarious!

    Have a wonderful week!

  8. A boy that loves to read! That is so awesome! You can never have too many books!

  9. Oh Jo, That is the Cutest thing..... so this is what I have to look forward to when Miller gets older ~ up till now, My 2 Gran Daughters have Only been Sugar & Spice ~ well, Mostly.....

    I should remember it well from My Son, but something about the Grands or is it just, Me getting Older ~ Glad Your Feeling Better (How's the Foot?)

    Have a Wonderful Week

  10. Oh that's fantastic! I have 2 little boys and you're right, they ARE obsessed with bodily functions, and knowing some of the books that are around these days I wouldn't be surprised if there was one about diarrhoea! Karen x ps. thanks for dropping by the blog, always appreciated! x

  11. Oh my goodness Jo...that is the cutest thing...I think it is great he likes to read!!! My grandsons do as well...

    Nice to hear you and your hubby are feeling better...those darn bugs can take a lot out of people!!!
    Have a great day...

  12. -chuckle- Yes, my Grand son loves those books too.

    There's a film now too.

    So glad you got to have this visit!!!



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