I love roses.  Living in Arizona we are lucky enough to have weather that will promote their growth most of the year.  Summers can be pretty tough, but somehow the plants manage to stay alive for their winter's bloom.

These are the first roses I've cut this year and I'm quite surprised at their heartiness since I have been very neglectful in my gardening duties.  It seems that some plants manage to survive and thrive no matter how much or how little care they are given.

On occasion I've known people like that; who seem to carry on no matter what the circumstances.  Not only do they carry on, they thrive.

I want to join their ranks and become the person who carries on beautifully and happily no matter what station in life I inhabit.  I want to be a doer - not a whiner.

Looking  at these beautiful roses, I know anything is possible because I know what a struggle they have gone through to thrive.

Each and everyday, I vow to thrive and grow in this coming year.

How about you?


  1. Hello Jo, what a beautiful post... as you know, I am sooo anxious for Spring...my mind is set on flowers and gardening and birdhouses, and warm weather... you are so lucky to have roses to bring inside in January and yours are beautiful! If you get a chance, please read my old post on my blog called A Haunting Passion... I think I wrote it in June when I first began blogging... you and I think so much alike... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. What a beautiful sentiment for the year...."grow and thrive in whatever circumstance you are in"!
    I must make that my motto for this year....thanks.

  3. Bloom where you are planted....

    Beautiful roses Jo, I love roses too!! We can grow them here year round too. Aren't we lucky?

  4. I just cut all my rosebushes back. But I did get a few beautiful bouquets. It's one of the nice gardening features of living in the desert.

  5. What lovely roses Josette, and lovely words to go with it. I don't want to be a whiner either, and to learn to thrive no matter what the circumstances is a wonderful goal for 2010!
    You are so lucky to have your roses all year.

  6. Hi Josette,
    Sometimes we just have to get those whiners out of our lives. They can really bring you down.
    Your roses are so lovely and thanks for the comparison, so true!


  7. Great thoughts, thrive and grow...
    Love the roses, lucky you! See how I feel about it on my 'Dear Me' post here: lifesoverhaul.blogspot.com

    Enjoy smelling your awesome roses (O:

  8. How lucky that you live someplace where you can pick roses this time of year!

  9. Yes, nicely put Jo! I love the symbolic reference you made to the roses. Hope you are doing well! Thanks for visiting my blog, too!


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