Monday, January 25, 2010



Today, I want to pose a question to each of you.  Do you know the color of your husband's or boyfriends eyes?  Right now - don't look, no fair cheating!!

I've been married to the same man for 30 years and I must confess that when that question popped into my head this morning, I could not answer it!

I'm actually quite embarrassed to admit this, as I am the one who is always telling everyone to stay present and be in the moment.

I once read something written by an old Zen Master.  His advice for life was this:
Show up
Tell the truth
And don't be to attached to the outcome.

I think this is very sound advice - and for me - especially the PAY ATTENTION part.

Wouldn't you agree?


  1. Yes Josette, I agree completely! I once had someone tell me, in fact he was a detective, that we learn more and see more when we look at our surroundings carefully, no matter where we are. And, he also said to listen carefully, because you will learn something new if you stay still and listen with all your heart.
    Great Post.


  2. Hello Jo, I do know the color of my sweetie's eyes... but I must admit, my mind tends to drift off to a million different places all of the time... sooo many things I love to do, I get easily distracted... so PAY attention is one I need to remember! xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Well...I don't have either of these in my life right now. But I can tell you I've been drawn to blue eyes and could write a book on where that got me! So if I ever decide to let someone in my life again...I think I'll make sure he has BROWN eyes (O:
    And I will look and listen better at everything. Great advice!

  4. :-) Yes, I know the color of my husband's eyes. Brown. But after all, all our children got the same color. :-)

    But this is a very Wise post. And I thank you for it.

    I'm finding much Wisdom in "Pretty Blog Land" today. Which is interesting in itself. :-) Is it the time of year, which brings on reflection?

  5. Great words to live by. And my guys eyes are green, unless he is wearing blue then they change a little. Kind of like a lizard:)
    Blog:Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. Oooh, oooh! Pick me! I totally know what color everyone I love eyes are! I am really into eyes. Eyes and smiles!

  7. The eyes are the mirrow of the Soul...
    At first I look in to eyes(excuse me for my english!-(...

    I love your post very mach!-)***
    Thankyou for a visit on my blog & warm comment!-)


  8. They are green.....oh, and your hubby's are brown! Just like mine! LOL

  9. Well, I've been married 32 years and they are green! Girl, you better pay attention! lol Funny! Lezlee

  10. Hi There!

    They are brown and eyes are one of the things that I find most attractive. Love the advice at the end of your post!

    Love and hugs,


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