Please meet my little Cavalier King Charles, SOPHIE!  She has proven to be a life saver on more than one occasion.

We picked her up when she was 12 weeks old.  She has been a joy to us ever since.

Sophie, is really the first puppy I have ever owned.  Getting her so young, and watching her grow has taught me so many life lessons - it is truly remarkable.

She rests when she is tired, plays when she wants to, eats on a regular basis; and in general takes care of herself on a daily basis.

She even has an artistic bent from time to time.

She suns herself when needed and gives kisses away freely.

I told my adult son the other day that dog was GOD spelled backwards, and he looked at me like -duh- who doesn't know that.

Well dear friends, I didn't realize this little fact until quite late in life during a particularly difficult time in my life.

Blessings to you all dear friends.


  1. This is a wonderful post! Sophie is an old soul for sure! Great photos! Everyone is going to lvoe her! I sure do!

  2. Oooh Sophie is adorable! I just want to hug her and kiss her... she is soo photogenic too! Animals are so much a part of my life... and they are so much smarter than most people give them credit for...she is one lucky girl to have you as her master...love the photo of her kissing the little baby! Doggie kisses Sophie! xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Sohie is so pretty and she looks as though she is getting ready to say something. I know you love her. There is nothing like the love of a pet.

  4. Miss Sophie is so sweet! I can only imagine how special she is to you!

  5. Dogs just seem to know what we need don't they? Cats do too but they really don't care.

  6. Sophie is beautiful. She looks like quite the charmer! lol. To be loved by a dog is one of the best blessings in the world. I don't know how I would have survived my divorce without the "boys" I had. I've since lost two of my boys and it broke my heart. May Sophie have a long, happy life.

  7. Jo she is adorable! Rightnow I am theproud owner of a kitty, well, cat actually....the overgrown lug-Anyhoo...pets are the perfect companion some days...We can talk their ears off and they don't even seem to mind~ ;)

  8. So glad Miss Sophie was there for you when you needed her...
    She's so pretty and soulful looking. Like her eyes know everything. Keep her close.

  9. What a gorgeous fur baby Sophie is! She has the sweetest, prettiest face! Isn't it wonderful how much joy pets bring to our lives?!!


  10. Miss Sophie is very charming. She has the sweetest face.

    I have had dogs all my life and each one brings
    so much love and joy.


  11. she's amazingly talented and beautiful...the perfect combination!

  12. She is precious. I have lived all my adult life with dogs and can't imagine waking up to face a day without them. Little Sophie is darling! My first little dog is going to be a Cavalier. When a little girl I fell in love with spaniels and had a spaniel X for years. There's something about their eyes and happy ways and the fact that they love you so deeply - not that all dogs don't love you like crazy - the ones I have now are priceless.

  13. She's such a sweetie. Dogs love us with all our faults and know how to give what we need...
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  14. Sophie is adorable. Just look at how loving she is with the baby, so sweet. They can just steal a heart can't they?
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  15. Hi Jo,

    What a Sweet Dog & Adorable Baby..... Thanks for the positive comments on my photos, I have been trying so hard to Do Better & have also checked out the Blog you recommended....

    Have a Great Weekend

  16. What a beautiful friend. She is lovely. Come and visit my main blog if you get a chance. I know you went to my gardening blog last time but I am having a gardening giveaway at the jennymatlock blog that you might enjoy! I'm glad you found such a sweet friend.

  17. I love your sweet puppy! I have a Cavie too she is a tri-color named Callie, she is Miss Sassy pants & I love her dearly! They certainly do add a lot of love to your life! Robin


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