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I'm 63, and I did not learn how to really use my computer until 6 months ago. I always felt behind the times in social occasions where everyone was talking about the "web" and e-mail's, etc; so, I decided to take the plunge and learn.  Well, how I decided to learn was to start a Blog.  Now, I'm not sure why I chose this route, but I did.

After blogging for awhile, I have figured out why I began.  First of all, to use my brain; but there was another reason.

Everything is beautiful in blogland; the pictures, the people, the words.  When everything in the world seems to be going haywire all at once, it is comforting that I can be in a beautiful environment by simply turning on my computer.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm very concerned about the world situation; Haiti, The War, The Global Financial Situation.  I even belong to a weekly group of women who meet to discuss just these issues and more.

But I find great comfort in being able to escape for a while in the beautiful world of
blogland.  Don't you?

Photos courtesy: "La Vie Claire"


  1. Amen! We seem to be a group that feels like you. I don't mind when the world seeps in here, we are here for each other, but you can always find a story about a baby, a toddler, a new teen right next to the sweet and heartfelt tributes to those who we have lost or prayer requests. A whole lot of prayers have been answered by starting a prayer chain in this world! Your post is beautiful! And WELL DONE to you for learning how to make this beautiful blog in 6 months! I have been on the computer for YEARS and started my blog almost a year ago and I am still not sure some days what I'm doing!
    I am glad you are here!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. I am with is nice to find a space to be inspired, to dream, and to find friendships and many things the world around us is lacking! Great post....I so agree.

  3. Your words hold so much truth and meaning for me.
    Without my blog..hmmmm, the daily world,the pressures, the husbands illness..all of it can really get to you, and then I come here., I read the sweet comments that some have left, I check my favorites to see what they're doing..and I always read a few new ones. They've become favorites that way...and slowly, my energy level comes back. I rest,relax and smile as I read, offer a quick prayer..though we may never meet in seems we all "know" each other, and it's a wonderful thing. You've done a wonderful job with your's just beautiful... Keep writing, I love to read what you have to say.

  4. Hello there! This is my first time to visit and I so agree. I don't even really buy magazines anymore because I can find everything I need right here through everyone's blogs. Friendship and encouragements; inspiration for creating; motivation for organizing; great recipes. My cousin started me in July with blogging and I was skeptical at first but it really has been so much fun. Wishing you a most wonderful and blessed day! :) Tammy

  5. Dear Jo~

    What a Beautiful Post ~ So True..... I really Love Blogging, but it more than that for Me ~ even thou I see My Kids & Grands on a Regular basis, I Live Alone (well me & the Cat) but there is a fine line between Being Alone & Loneliness ~ All the Wonderful Blogs I have found & Friends made, sometimes gets me Through those Moments ~ Keep Up the Wonderful Work

  6. I understand exactly what you mean. It's always inspiring to me.

  7. I agree 100% about blogland, it is an escape, and all the wonderful blogger friends I have made is incredible. It's hard to believe you just learned to use the computer 6 months ago - your blog is so well done, Bravo!
    Have a great week Jo!

  8. 能猜得出女人真實年齡的男人也許耳聰目明,但肯定毫無大腦。哈哈!..................................................

  9. Yes, blogland can be a beautiful place~I think that's what keeps me blogging. That, and it's now an addiction. :)
    Have a beautiful week~

  10. Hello Jo, beautiful images... I too did not even know what a blog was until just before I started mine last June... I also am concerned about the state of the world, but it is nice to have a little place to escape, even for just a little while, where life is good... and people are nice and friendly... I try to create a little magical place for people for visit, and to daydream myself... I feel the same way you do! xoxo Julie Marie PS I have learned so many things also from so many wonderful bloggers!

  11. Yes! Yes! Yes! We need a time to escape to the beauties of "Pretty Blog Land," to recharge our batteries and all. :-)

  12. Bonjour Jo,
    Sorry to double post, but after reading the comment you left on my blog I just had to come by again. So glad to hear you're ready to 'strut your stuff' again - you made my day. Grab that beautiful red bag and enjoy it!

  13. Hi there,
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.
    I'm glad you started a blog, and learned how to use a computer. It's never too late to learn anything. That sounds like a great idea to talk with other women about the world situations.
    You have a wonderful day,

  14. I'm with you! Visiting the blog friends is my respite! Did you paint those gorgeous pictures?? Love them. God Bless, Kerrie

  15. I soooo agree with the beauty of blogging. I learned just how many heartwarming friends I've acquired just last week. Posted about my daughter and...
    I'm only a few little years behind you and haven't blogged a year yet. So glad we did!
    Take care and keep posting the beauty (O:

  16. Jo,
    I think that the door that we both opened to Blogland was a gift to ourselves! You know how I feel about it! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!! Love ya!

  17. Me again...
    Just read what you posted on my blog. Not sure if you read the last one about this...hold on to your son, I understand...
    And it's been in mine for generations also..bad, bad gene..
    So we'll just blog pretty things (O:

  18. Thanks for the lovely pictures... I'm glad you learned to blog. Lezlee

  19. I completely agree with you, everything is so much rosier in blogland, and it is a mini "escape" from reality. The world could use some more beauty in it right about now.

  20. Hello
    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I would just like to say I'm really pleased you learnt how to use the computer. I agree coming on line opens up a whole new world, full of beautiful things to see and wonderful people to meet. It's never too late! Well done to you!
    Hugs and Love Suex


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