Happy New Year to all the new friends I have made these last few months.  I look forward to next year full of blogging delights.

Stay happy and safe,


  1. Happy New Year Sweetie...
    It has been a wonderful year in 2009 and I can't wait to see what 2010 brings to each of us.

    Josette, I thank you for this wonderful year we have shared. You are such a wonderful person, and I have found such joy coming here to visit. You have helped me through some hard times this year. Thank you for laughing with me and not at me, for the smiles, the tears and the happy heart I have when I walk away from your blog. I thank you sweetie. I truly do.

    Here's wishing you happiness, love, prosperity, peace and good health.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. Peace, love and joy to you and your family on this New Years Eve.

  3. Happy New Year to you Jo! Looking forward to all of your beautiful new posts in the coming year... Bisous... Julie Marie

  4. Happy New Year :-)

    You have a really cute blog!


  5. Hi Josette! Happy New Year! I'm enjoying following your blog and look forward to reading more in 2010! and I appreciate you following my blog, too! Thank you!

  6. Happy New Year Josette! I am so glad that I found you and your blog. I'm enjoying the times we have shared and I'm looking forward to the new year.


  7. Josette, Thank You for being my newest follower! I will stay here awhile now and catch up on *who* you are! Love everything I see so far (O:
    Have a safe and happy New Year...

  8. Happy New Year to YOU!!! Thank You for coming to visit me - I'm off to lurk around your blog for awhile!!! Have a great night and I look forward to the new year!

    ;-) robelyn


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