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Even though it is the Holiday
Season, I have not been deterred from purging and getting a little more organized.

It is always such a treat to unearth small books with a great message. This particular book was found many years ago and while once again looking at it made me realize that each of us is drawn to a particular kind of writer or writing. 

Personally...I want to be entertained when I read.  Character development and description is just as important as the story line. The quirkier ...... the better.  Oh, I read the occasional non-ficton ... but fiction is the real clincher for me.  Hopefully there will be a moral when done, but it is not a necessity in my case.

With this recent move I have been able to give five big boxes of books to our local library. Holding  a book  in my hands is still a must for me. Even though I use my I-Pad often when we travel....there is still such a thrill discovering an old book that has obviously been well read and well loved.

I do so hope BOOKS never go out of style!!





  1. That book with the title of Writers and Their Books sounds like one I would like. I just got a copy of Writers and Their Gardens which is fabulous too. Not sure that is the exact title.
    I read a wide variety of books. Fiction for me does not get better than Jane Austen. I like physical books as you do.

  2. When we moved I gave so many books away. Our library wouldn't take them. Thousands of dollars worth of college textbooks. Do you believe it? The library was in a Hasidic area and basically catered to them. So, each night I would gather a few and place them in a clear bag and place them upfront. The next morning they were gone. At least someone got use of them.

  3. I agree Jo, books should never go out of style. There is something genuine about holding, and reading an actual book, not unlike receiving an actual hand written letter, it thrills me! Happy Thanksgiving dear lady, xoxo Christel


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