Wednesday, December 10, 2014


My wonderful husband and I have moved 7 times during our 36 years together.  Each move has been to a wonderful  location....and this most recent one is no exception.  

This little house has  many, many wonderful features....but one of my favorites has been the existing chandelier that is hanging in the dining room.

Every time we have moved I have wanted to replace the existing fixture in the dining area.....not this time.  

When we first moved I thought I wanted a different fixture hanging here...but as we have lived here with our things and fine tuned here and there...I've come to absolutely LOVE
this hanging over our dining room table.  We had to take it apart when we painted and had to clean everyone of the glass rods before reassembling....but it is now so beautiful I could not think of another one to put in its place.

I've hung the little beaded garlands for the holidays but usually it is just plain.  We have installed dimmers on all the lights so at night this light reflects a soft light of off EVERYONE of those little glass rods.  It is truly spectacular.

Lighting in a home is so very important and so often we really don't give it enough least that is what I think.  (O: (O:




  1. It's lovely. The beads you added are just the right touch.

  2. That is definitely a spectacular chandelier and must cast a lovely glow. Wow, you have moved a lot. We moved several times but have been in our current home for 30 years.

  3. That is so beautiful, I can understand why you love it xxx

  4. It is very lovely and I would have kept it also. I am not sure I would enjoy dusting it though and would keep the lights dim.

  5. Wow that is a pretty one. I sometimes wonder what people are thinking when they design some light fixtures as they are so ugly. Glad you left this one up.
    The right fixture can make or break a decorating scheme.


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