Friday, December 5, 2014

MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH FEATHERS....................

I love feathers......there....I've said it!!
My sweet husband thinks I was probably a feather dancer in France during the Belle Epoque.  (: In particular feather boas really get my blood going.....I have several at the house in different colors, and have managed to use them in various ways.  I thought this white one would gussy up my home made wreath.

I was  looking for a few new ideas with my decorating this year....and decided that feathers were just the ticket.

I simply pinned this boa around the outside of this wreath. I will be able to use the boa for something else next year.

I also decided to use my Mardi Gras mask to adorn the top of our little tree.  I just stuck it in the top and will be able to remove it at the end of the holidays. 
Oh....I know....some of you think this is pretty weird...but feathers are so very festive and so versatile.  

Thats it from here today.

Stay well and happy.



  1. Feathers are a perfectly legit Christmas decoration -- what about that carol with all the birds in it? Three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge. Plus swans a-swimming and geese a-laying. Have I missed any?

  2. Oh, I should have kept my red boas, but I am so terrible at thinking outside the box! Love your wreath and tree!

  3. Very festive...Love your feathers..That mask is very colorful..cheery

  4. The peacock feathers are gorgeous! Love the white boa encircling your lovely vintage ornaments Jo! Great twist on decorating! xoxo Christel


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