Last night I watched the movie GRAVITY on Net flicks.  I did not see it last year when it came out and I can see why it won as many awards as it did.

It was truly a visual wonder filled with suspense the entire time.  In fact.....I had a hard time sleeping after watching  it.  

I know this post is entirely out of sync with this joyous Holiday Season...but perhaps if we delve a little deeper it is not.  For me, the end of another year ALWAYS brings a time of introspection.

In fact, I believe this movie has an important message during this time of gift giving and shopping....baking and partying.  Whether you believe in God or your own version of the Creator....
our Universe is beyond imagining.  We each believe we are so very important with our small every day problems and tasks...but the reality is we are such a minute part of this incredible whole...and so very often we don't keep this in the forefront of our thoughts.  We are really only here for a "blip" in time.

Each day we are given on this Earth is a wonderment...and should be viewed as such.  The Creator gave us life and the Universe and I will guarantee he or she could care less about what present you give Aunt Jane or how lovely your home is decked out for the holiday season.  Nor does he or she care about how great a cookie you bake or the special outfit you will wear to the Christmas party. 

 I  believe the Creator only cares about our loving the planet and each other.  I believe he/she wants us to realize how special a GIFT was given us with our spectacular Universe.  Perhaps if all mankind would simply reflect on this simple fact and put aside our egos the world would stand a chance of being healed.

It is just me thinking out loud today....thanks for listening.



  1. Beautiful message Jo! We recently watched this film and it does remind us just how small we really are!

  2. I love this post, Many times I stand looking up at the sky, in awe of the vastness of the universe. I haven't seen this film yet, but I think I should.

  3. Yes, we live in just a blip of time, but all of us make a difference in one way or another.

  4. Jo, such beautiful thoughts.
    After your husband's health
    scare, I'm sure you know more
    than ever what is most precious
    in this world. I totally agree that
    if more people treasured what a
    gift it is to be alive on this amazing
    planet, the world would be a happier
    place for so many. This year, most
    especially, the world seems torn apart
    in so many ways....

    On a happier note, enjoy all the
    sweet moments leading up to
    Christmas and beyond!

    xo Suzanne

  5. I think your post is most perfect for this time of year, Jo.
    Instead of buying new decorations, use the ones you
    have had for years(sentimental) and drop that $50 dollars
    in the Salvation Army gift fund or buy a groceries an donate
    them to the poor. Prove to God that you get it, that you are
    here to learn love and kindness to others less fortunate.
    Send aid to a war torn country to aid a mother and child.
    Create peace within your own heart and family, to understand
    how to heal the world with the power of peace. There is no
    prophet that has ever walked upon this earth that did not
    understand the sheer energy of peace. Send it out from
    your heart to others.

    You have sparked my interest in this movie and it just so
    happens that every December I turn on the movie network
    and treat myself to some movies. I shall have a look see
    for this gem.

    Your post touched my heart

    love and blessings
    now and throughout the new year


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