Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Look what has just popped up again in my garden!  I am always amazed that amaryllis  bloom yet again here in AZ.

These were purchased two years ago at Christmas time.  They bloomed indoors then so I put them outside in my garden just on an outside chance they might  bloom there as well.  They did......both last year and again this year.......they bloom both in November and around April.  

Sweet Skyler chomped on one of them and destroyed an entire bud....but it survived in spite of him.  LOL LOL

BYTW...he is currently at Boot Camp for two weeks to learn some important "doggie lessons"..  The trainer brought him by the house this morning and we got to see him put through some of his paces.  He looked so great and like he was having a ball!!!  We will have him  back  the Saturday after this one.  We miss him tons...but know this is really good for him.  Not sure if Miss Sophie misses him or not....she really likes being Queen of her castle once again. (O:

Hugs from here.



  1. A stunning Amaryllis. We planted about 4 bulbs about 10 years ago and now we have scores of them spreading through the garden especially like yours.
    The red are also beautiful! Enjoy!

  2. Oh, that flower is beautiful. I'm so waiting for them to show up here. Glad to see a post from you. I've missed you. Hope this finds you well, my friend.

  3. It has been so cool here that flowers are very slow to pop up and start blooming. We aren't having much of a Spring in Iowa! Lovely picts.

  4. What a GORGEOUS flower! When Skyler gets home from boot camp, he'll be too well-behaved to ever chomp on it again . . . right?

  5. Boot camp for dogs sounds like a great idea. Hopefully, he will come back a perfect gentleman.

  6. Oh my goodness, your flowers are beautiful!!!

  7. Totally gorgeous Jo.

    I always think amaryllis
    look like lilies and the
    lily is my favourite flower.

    So many exquisite flowers
    decorating your page.

    I feel like I am visiting
    an English country garden.

    Skyler sounds like he is
    enjoying learning some new

    Bet you miss him big time.

    hugs and blessings Sharon

  8. That IS a miracle of nature. Oh, my -- doggie boot camp? I love it! I know a few dogs that should go there!

  9. JO honey I can not begin to tell you how much I miss you and coming by your beautiful site.
    My world of blogging is suffering from the lack of not being on my computer much these past six months.
    Your Amaryllis is gorgeous and I am so happy it is blooming every year for you. I have not ever had any luck with them but I don't have a green thumb.
    I know you have to miss your Skyler (I love his Name) but hopefully he will be back home soon.
    My Tinkerbell would go into cardiac arrest if I put her somewhere for longer than a day. lol
    It is so good to be here visiting with you. I truly have missed you.

    Hope your well
    Love ya

  10. Those are so very pretty! My neighbor has some in her yard that bloom every year and they are so very pretty too. Glad to see you post again...I've been missing you sweetie...Big hugs, xoxo

  11. Hi Jo! I don't get to blog too much, and when I do, it is really quick to just post then run again. I forgot to browse through my favorites! Today I wondered what you were up to and I just looked and I see you are still blogging....so sorry to be remiss! Life is a changin' and I have lots of work to do with other things and then I need to recuperate from that by gardening, or zoning out with DVD's....don't forget me, and say hi sometimes! hugs, lady


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