Saturday, April 6, 2013


I have had this leopard lampshade was in storage and since I have always loved it...I decided to give it a fresh new life.

Fringe comes from an old scarf that I no longer use...but I have always loved, loved, loved this fringe.....sewed it onto the bottom of the can be removed with a little snip  if I get tired of the look.  I've had the floor lamp since the mid-nineties and it is actually pretty special in its own right...but I thought it needed a little more drama. When I looked at it with its original finial...I realized that something had to be done with that.  So....
painted the existing finial a ebony black and glued on a small crystal ball that I found at a garage sale many moons ago...

I have to night....when this lamp is is pretty spectacular.  I really am pleased with how it turned out....just recycling and reusing...




  1. Wow - it is just beautiful. I am always amazed at how you can put different colors and patterns together and make it all look so wonderful.

  2. Yowza that really makes a statement doesn't it. How fun.

  3. Jo- That shade is just spectacular! I would snap that up in a heartbeat if I saw it for sale somewhere! LOVE it!!! xo Diana

  4. Love your lamp makeover! I think the fringe and the crystal really give it that something special and wouldn't have done anything differently myself. Great job!

  5. What a great lamp and I love it's new look!
    It's so nice when you can "rescue"" an old favorite.

  6. This is spectacular and I can already imagine making one for my hermitage.

  7. That lamp would be perfect in a gypsy fortune teller's caravan as she read your palm or tarot cards! Love that finial!

  8. Jo,it is fabulous and I can just imagine
    I bet it casts an interesting ambiance
    across the room.

    You are so talented, did you ever have
    dreams of being an interior decorator ?

    I think you would be wonderful at it.

    Happy Weekend to you and your family.
    hugs Sharon

  9. Love it! I do things like that and it is so satisfying.

  10. It is splendidly beautiful....regal and fun all at the same time!
    - Irina


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