Monday, April 29, 2013

EXTROVERTS VERSUS INTROVERTS...................................

Have you ever considered the fact whether you were an extrovert or introvert?  I have....and I am so pleased that some kind soul finally wrote a book comparing the two styles.

I have always considered myself....shy.....or in other words an introvert.  Oh....don't get me wrong....I can carry on lengthy conversations if required....but I much prefer listening to talking.  By doing so, I can interject comments occasionally if appropriate...or keep quite if I so desire.

Often, if we are attending a social gathering I will size up our companions and decide which one, I believe, will carry the evening so to speak.  Or, I will ask my wonderful soul mate if he is in a "chatty" mood....his comment usually is we are going to see "so and so" so he doesn't need to be.  LOL LOL

I always believed there was something wrong with me because I was not more of a "chatty Kathy"....but now....I realize there probably are a lot more folks out there just like me.  I can be a "situational extrovert" as this book so aptly describes....but I much prefer to just sit on the sidelines and just listen and evaluate.

I don't mind my own company....and in fact.....days can go by when I don't even venture much beyond my front courtyard.  Spending time puttering and contemplating various situations and ideas is actually a perfect day for me.

This was a very "eye opening" read and I recommend it highly for anyone who is questioning whether their "social skills" are up to par in this mile a minute society.

Tell me....if you had to you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?  Just wonderin'?

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  1. I am definitely going to find a copy of this book and read it. My husband is very much an introvert (although he can be a ham if called upon) and I would love to be able to support him in a way that....well.....feels supportive not critical. Love your post! Thank you!

  2. Oh, definitely an introvert! Like you, I can carry on conversations when needed and, sometimes, even like doing so. Given a choice, however, I prefer the company of the forest and its animals, my cats and dogs and myself. Social gatherings, unless they're family or close friends, are torture for me. Now I'm off to buy this book. Thank you for posting about it!



  3. I think of myself as an introvert in an extovert's body. I am shy and uncomfortable in social settings that I am unfamiliar but I love being around people who share a common ground with me. The hardest thing about retirement for me was not seeing people and sharing stories and ideas on a regular basis.

  4. I am so much an introvert. Like you, I can function in a talking world and quite well if I need to. But afterwards I really need my time in order to recuperate. But like you, there are times when I question why I am such a dork - I cannot think of a thing to say to start a conversation and so I sit like a lump and sometimes I feel left out. I could go on and on. I need to get that book.

  5. Oh, I'm an introvert alright. You know, many bloggers are (maybe even most). I remember what a revelation it was when I first learned of the existence of and meaning of introversion vs extroversion. It certainly explained a lot!

  6. The secret is out then! We bloggers are nearly all introverts - who would have guessed?

  7. Oh Dear Jo... your Gift of being a good Listener is something that us Extroverts often wished we possessed. My Dad was a good Listener and a Deep Thinker, when he finally said something it always seemed so profound because he was a Man of so few Words and was so observational. The Gift of giving someone your Full Attention is Priceless, they feel heard and cherished. I have often felt misfit because of talking too much... anything and everything on my mind tends to come out! *The Help I'm Talking and I can't shut up kinda Gal! Winks* Perhaps that is why I've always Enjoyed Solitude, because it is in those times, that I can Quiet my Mind, my Soul and not feel compelled to utter a sound... which is difficult for me to do in Social situations. I'd love to find this Book too that Celebrates the Introverts and explains the differences of personality types.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. This book sounds quite interesting and right up my alley. I will have to add it to my collection and put it on my must read list. Hope you are doing well sweet Jo...miss you sweet lady...big hugs, xoxo

  9. I have been staring at this book at our bookstore for months! I am definitely going to read it now. I think I am a situational extrovert--have to be for my job. But I like nothing more than being home by myself and can do this for days without feeling lonely.

  10. This sounds good. I see myself as a public extrovert by vocation and a private introvert. Wonder how that holds?

  11. Oh yes, dear Jo...I am definitely an introvert...but a situational extrovert like you mention...
    Thank you so much for sharing this book with us...
    There is another one which was eye-opening and is "Highly Sensitive People"...
    Here's to the thinkers and dreamers!
    Love and blessings...wishing you a marvelous weekend...
    - Irina

  12. Just stumbled upon your blog tonight. I book marked it to check back often. I am an introvert. I am shy, prefer to be with animals then people, I have anxiety issues in crowds, but I do enjoy wasting many hours of this life on the internet. Thanks for sharing your world with us.


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