WHAT A GREAT THOUGHT........................

It is a cold and rainy day here in AZ.....this is a cheery thought.  Let's all stay warm this weekend.




  1. (((Huga))) Hoping your weekend is one filled with warmth, love, and peace.

  2. Truer words never spoken, although a box of chocolate would be a nice addition also.

  3. Hmmm, I'd rather go for a roomful of books and a bank account full of money, LOL!

  4. LOL- Now if I could only wear half the shoes in my closet I would be as happy as a clam- xo Diana

  5. Lovely thought indeed..especially the books. Here on the east coast, we have snow. Staying in with a nice cuppa tea and a book is my plan for the evening. Have a great weekend.
    Blissful Tidings,

  6. I traded in all my 'sexy' shoes for the 'comfort kind' and I think there are books on every surface in this house. Chocolate is a must and a 'full bank account' would be a mistake made by someone at the bank. I love your gypsy curtain !!

  7. A super quote Jo.
    Its cold and rainy here. Cant wait to get my 'sexy' sandals out for the summer.
    A good book with hot cocoa is just the right thing for a day like today.
    happy Sunday
    val x

  8. I heartilly agree,
    One can never have enough shoes.

    And, there is nothing like sinking your
    teeth into a good book.

    It is like being transported to another realm.

    Enjoy your rainy day.

    hugs Sharon

  9. Hi Jo!! It is rainy here today...must have finally arrived from your area...I welcome it it is making the snow disappear fast...:) Great quote...


  10. Well... our Rain has turned to Summer Intense Sunshine hasn't it?! *Winks* Yesterday it neared the triple digit mark and I thought to myself I better get all my outdoor Projects wrapped up quickly now before Summer arrives full force. So typical of AZ to skip Spring entirely isn't it? *LOL* But it is a Glorious time of year and I'm awaiting Wildflowers to Show Out after all the Winter Rains we had this Season. If you ever see me at the Old Spaghetti Factory, stop by the table, it's always great to see Blog Friends outside of the Virtual World!

    Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Lovely, though I'd trade the shoes for a purring cat!


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