Monday, March 18, 2013


Do you feel like you make a connection with someone when you blog?  Sometimes I other times I don't.

Perhaps it is because I have been blogging so infrequently as of seems that my "blog creativity" and motivation are on the back burner at the moment.  I have not been visiting any of my favorite blogs to leave a comment of encouragement or just to say hello.  

I received a wonderful email from my friend Mary the other certainly lifted my spirits and I thank her for it....but it still was not enough to "scratch the itch" for blogging.  

For now....I'm just going with my feelings...doing other creative things and taking a little rest from the computer.  Thanks to all of you who still check in occasionally...perhaps in my own small way...I DO CONNECT.

hugs and sending a little Spring to all of you.....

first three photos are mine.....last photo is an artists rendering of petunias....WHICH I THINK IS FABULOUS....found this somewhere on the internet.




  1. Hi Jo, I am loving the beautiful flowers.... we had a sneak peek of spring time last week, but since then it has been gloomy & cold, so I really appreciate the pretty blooms & hope to see them here, Soon!
    Keep posting when you can, glad you are doing other creative things, I don't get around as much as I would like, but I'm always thrilled to see new posts from blogging friends ~ Take Care

  2. Top O the Mornin to yah,

    Your flower pictures are to
    die for. They brightened my
    morning for sure.

    I myself,do not have time
    to be here a lot and I do
    not expect everyone to feel
    they must post a reply to
    each and every post.

    I am content with just a
    few followers and I try
    to get to visit them
    when I can.

    Don't you dare feel one
    bit of guilt or remorse.

    We all try to set aside
    a little time every now
    and then.

    That is all anyone can

    blessings of spring
    to you and your family.

    hugs Sharon

  3. I so totally understand about the blogging and connecting. I can go for weeks without wanting to blog or read blogs and then I'm great for awhile again. I figure when it seems more like work rather than fun, it's time to hang it up for awhile. So enjoy your time away. When you do come back to post, we'll still be around.

  4. Yes, you do, Jo! I truly understand. I've been taking some breaks lately due to health issues and also to a writing project that doesn't concern my blog. But I'm always eager to get back and read other blogs and then write a post myself when I feel up to it. I think it's important to listen within and do what feels right for you at the moment. Sometimes that's blogging -- and many times, it isn't! Best to you!

  5. I totally understand where you are coming from. When I found myself on blog overload I stopped posting on weekends so I can clear my head. You know we will all be here when you return. You take all the time you need.

    Lovely pictures of the flowers. Oh, it so makes me long for spring.

  6. Glad to see you here, Jo. Hope you are enjoying your time doing other things- xo Diana

  7. Hi, Jo. I have noticed that you haven't been posting much but I think we all need down town from it once in awhile. For me, if it starts to feel like a chore or something I need to get out of the way, I take a little break.

    Enjoy your free time and thanks for the pretty pictures of the flowers! :)


  8. It's always good to take breaks from blogging. You come back refreshed and feeling like you have things to say ! Take time and enjoy life!

  9. Everyone needs a bloggy break from time to time. Those petunias are gorgeous!

  10. Dear Jo,
    Beautiful images... You know I believe Sharon expressed it so very well. I dont' know what else to say except I will keep you in my thoughts and visit when you are here... You take time for you.
    We will be here.

  11. Ehhh....I run hot and cold on blogging also. I have been away for almost 2 weeks and while at the time I didn't miss it now that I am back I am happy to be catching up with everyone. I think we all must do what feels best!

  12. Hello dear Jo,
    I do think that we connect with some bloggers. I know that I have.
    Sometimes I think, we all get bloggers block. When i first started, i used to blog much more than i do now. I now blog when i feel like I have something to share. I like to comment on friends blogs and I like to recieve the comments they send me. This brings our blogger friends closer.
    Its nice to see you today.
    Beautiful photos..
    take care.
    All your friends will still be here.
    big hugs
    val xx

  13. Well, on this cold winter morning with snow and ice, you certainly brought spring into my life today!

    I believe we all go through periods (some neverending) when we just can't find the right inspiration, we feel our posts are trite and that no one we visit really seems to be speaking to us. Sometimes there are other factors -- our lives are so full, or perhaps so tormented by worry, that blogs just don't play a huge part. When I was ill this winter, it was all I could do to get through the day and commenting or even reading a blog could be a challenge.

    Take the time you need, Jo -- and I hope you'll return and continue to share your lovelies with us -- but till then, restore and create. ~ jeanie

  14. You are a special soul, dear Jo....
    Life is a balance...I do find that visiting dear blog friends on the same day takes close to 3 hours! That is a commitment to be sure...and then trying to come up with material for three (soon to be four) blogs of my own, is no easy feat.
    But when I am not inspired, I certainly do not post. I never want it to feel like a job.
    I totally get what you are saying...
    Just know that you are loved and or no post! :)))
    Blessings and joy,
    - Irina

  15. I think this seems very common for most bloggers and I wish for you a restful time to show your creativity in other ways. Have a blessed Easter season.

  16. Jo, I have been feeling the same way lately. I very much want to get back to blogging, but I find I cannot muster the creative energy to blog about anything interesting. Yet I do not want to stop blogging because I am in this "funk." I feel ya...I hope it passes for the both of us!


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