Friday, March 22, 2013

MY HEART ACHES........................................

When I read the news around the heart aches....

Sending loving kindness thoughts through the universe..

This wonderful painting of the Buddha is by the very talented Brenda Ferguson...titled HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD......let's keep that precious and wonderful thought.




  1. The news is all bad because the media profits from it. I do not watch it and try to live in the world of hopefulness where most of us exist.

    I have a Buddha in one of my gardens and hope to get the laughing Buddha for another one.

  2. Philippians 4:8 has beautiful advice for us harried modern people: what so ever things are lovely, what so ever things are true what so ever things are pure .... think on those things.
    I have a statue of Mary in my garden and a statue of Buddha too.

  3. Amen, Jo. You just wonder what can possibly happen next, don't you? What a world we have created for ourselves-xo Diana

  4. I send my love out to the Blessed Universe many times throughout the is so fulfilling and satisfying. :)

    The Laughing Buddha brings bubbles of joy upward in your spirit, doesn't he? I love that painting Jo! Such a very thoughtful post...



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