MY GYPSY CURTAIN.......................................

I have collected fancy scarves for years...I think a scarf can really complete any outfit.  

The one's shown here are but a few of the one's I actually own.  They have been stored away in a drawer for many a moon so I decided to do something creative with them.

This window is in my studio and it is my spot, so anything goes.....
At the moment they are cobbled together with safety pins....but when I finally get the time and have the curtain finished I will hand stitch it together.

As I was doing brought back wonderful memories of when we had our company and we would have to get all gussied up to entertain at home or a night on the town with clients.

I'm so pleased I saved all of them...I think it turned out pretty sexy....what do you think?




  1. I think it is totally awesome-just gorgeous!

  2. Your curtain is lovely. Another thing we have in common...scarves. I believe there is nothing better to pull an outfit together...besides a lovely piece of costume jewelry. I have boxes filled with scarves to prove it.

  3. They are lovely and how wonderful that you have memories from them all.

  4. I love it Jo. It looks very Magnolia Pearl to me.

    xo Danielle

  5. Hello Jo,
    Nice to see you.
    What a very clever idea. I love your gypsy scarf curtain. indeed very demure and sexy.
    Also you can look at each scarf and remember back to when you bought or recieved it.
    very nice
    happy Tuesday

  6. I just love it, Jo! I see someone said my exact sentiment just above- It looks like Magnolia Pearl, too! xo Diana

  7. Oh what a stunning collection! and why wouldn't you hang all this beauty rather than having them folded up in a drawer!
    Absolutely my style - just love it - appeals to the gypsy in me! and you too!
    x Suzy

  8. That would be perfect for a gypsy tarot reader's studio!

  9. I love those gypsy curtains, Jo!!!

  10. It sets a mood like inside a gypsy caravan; do you tell fortunes and read palms? Well, it sets that mystical mood.

  11. As usual I have arrived late for the party
    once again.

    I think the scarves are stunning
    and a wonderful creative addition
    to your space.

    I agree, a crystal ball would
    make an excellent addition to your
    creative parlor.


  12. It looks really exciting and puts the room in a mystical light l think, love them! Pam x

  13. You're definitely Channeling your Inner Bohemian GF and you KNOW I'm absolutely LOVING them! You've cobbled them together beautifully... and Inspired me to cobble some Vintage Fabrics together 'til I have the time to hand-sew some new Window Treatments myself! I'm going thru a great Edit and Purge and revamping every room so new Window Treatments are definitely in order!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  14. Ok... WOW!!!! I am in love with this! Not only are the colours absolutely stunning, but the collection is brilliant! :)


  15. GORGEOUS and yes, quite sexy! :))
    This is just so bohemian and wonderful, dear Jo....very creative...
    Hope your weekend is fabulous!
    - Irina

  16. What an incredibly good way to put something into use that is lovely but hidden. Hidden no more! It's fabulous!


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