For those of us who grew up with SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on the television...the above title should certainly bring back memories and a chuckle or two.
Remember the Farkle family...Fred Farkle..Fanny Farkle..Fritz Farkle (i think) and SPARKLE FARKLE.....Each time I get out all my sparkly Christmas decorations...this show comes to mind...I weird is that!  Anyway....have been busy sprucing up the house for the holidays.

Don't buy any new decorations my age...I just want to dispose of things.  So...I get out old favorites and reuse and redo them in various ways.  ALTHOUGH....if I keep taking things apart...I just might need to get a few new things to last for Christmases to come.

I've had this big Snowman for years...won it as a giveaway from Laurie Ann's Vintage home...thought he needed a little color since he is all added some red things...and he fits right in.

Had this old wire ribbon from last year...and simply wrapped it around an old clear vase....instant sparkle.  The berries are from an old wreath I took apart and saved various pieces.

These old chemists bottles are perfect for displaying my star Christmas lights....and of course...I'll never part with my funky old Moroccan lantern.

We have a wet bar in our living room that we are not particularly fond of...but I find....if I simply put out a silver tray and lay some clear lights on it......instant sparkle...for next to nothing.

We don't have our tree up as of Brad came back sick from our trip and I have been  busy nursing him with home made chicken soup....but do plan on doing the tree this Sunday with my beautiful grandson's help.

Will post about our wonderful trip after the we are all a flutter here getting ready for Christmas.

Hugs to all,



  1. Hi Jo, nice to hear from you! I love your Moroccan Lantern too, that's a keeper! and the sparkles, yes, I seem to need more and more of it. And I'm seeing many people saying in blogosphere that they also are not buying new but rearranging the old. I never buy new Xmas stuff, except this year I wanted pink ornaments. But I reuse what I have in new ways as you, and add more sparkle as in mercury glass which is staying up all year! Chicken soup sounds wonderful right now.

  2. Hello Dear!
    Your home is very sparkly now! I don't have a memory of that SNL skit, but that's just age! lol!
    You have some great ideas for sparkling up the home on a budget, thanks for that! I love your Moroccan lamp, that is totally amazing!
    Our home is all ready for Christmas, and we are in the Christmas spirit. I hope you have a really good holiday. (hopefully your trip went really well, hope hubby feels better soon).

  3. Jo-First off, I am so sorry that Brad is sick- I hope he feels better soon. I'm with you- I have finally stopped buying THINGS and replace what I need. I gave away my big Santa collection this year and also my collection of Christmas houses. It felt good to know that the kids got to pick what they loved and that had memories attached to them.

    Have fun getting your tree up-xo Diana

  4. ps. I SOOO remember the Farkle family. SNL was never better than it was back then. I used to imitate Lily Tomlin and Gilda Radner at work all the time- lol xo Diana

  5. Your decorations are wonderful. I'd love to visit for the holidays.

  6. What was old can always be new again. Recycle and remake and you get new treasures.

  7. Very pretty and sparkly! Happy days to you, Jo.

  8. Everything's better with a little sparkle!

  9. There is just a mountainful of creativity here! :D LOVE it!


  10. Hi Jo, I love your Moroccan lamp, the colour is beautiful. We don't have the room for much Christmas sparkle, just a small tree decorated with robins etc. Next year when we are on the barge I intend to go mad, sparkle everywhere!!! xxx

  11. Well, your sparkle is lovely. Can't wait to hear about your trip, too. Thanks for sharing your holiday decor with us.



  12. My favorite part of Christmas is the sparkle. I just love the lights and all the sparkly stuff. To me there is nothing better than sitting in my living room with all my Christmas lights on, a fire in the fireplace and a nice glass of wine :)

  13. I am in love with that vintage Santa
    he is absolutely gorgeous and the vintage
    chemist bottle is awesome Jo.

    I too have been unravelling some of the old
    to incorporate into the new. I have to find
    a way to share some pictures online with you.

    Tell Brad feel better soon from all of us.
    We know you will take good care of him.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
    blessings and love

  14. Your decorations sure are sparkly and nice Jo. Hope you have fun decorating the tree.



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