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Well.....we "old fossils" finally got the tree up.....not decorated mind you....JUST UP.  LOL LOL  
I don't remember these artificial trees being so heavy...of course we usually have someone help us with this...but this year....we are braving it alone.  Well....we will have a little help from my sweet grandson who is going to help decorate the thing over the weekend.  I really don't care what it looks like as long as the darn thing doesn't fall over from being lop sided or something.  (O:

Julian doesn't have a big tree at his house so we always have one here for him.  In fact...we saw him just the other day..and the first thing he said was "grandma.....where's the tree".  Sooooo
gramps and I got busy.  

Our livestock are helping too....with encouragement....

O.K. maybe not exactly helping..but they are encouraging...don't you think??

hugs from here.



  1. Your fur babies are so precious. Love your tree. Wishing you and yours a happy holiday now just in case I don't get to do so. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.
    Love you,

  2. OOOOOOOOOOH! Look at all the pretty lights! :)
    I can hardly wait to see it all gussied up with decorations. Make sure you post a pic of it when you are finished, won't you? Good for you that you tackled it for your Grandson's pleasure...(and I'm thinking a little of yours too, te he he)
    I'm hoping you have a wonderful time with Julian, decorating and just having fun with one another.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Yuletide Blessings
    and Much Peace to You and Yours Jo!

  3. My father had an expression-Tell that lazy pup to get busy- usually talking about the neighbor boy! lol Your tree is looking pretty good to me- xo Diana

  4. Oh how sweet and precious your babies/helpers look.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, especially enjoying the time with family.

  5. Your livestock...that is just too funny. They are about the cutest litttle things I've ever seen.
    I am sure the tree will end up looking just lovely.

  6. The puppies look so cute and the tree is pretty just as it is. Merry Christmas Jo.


  7. The tree looks great! And the expression on the dogs faces, so sweet .......xxx

  8. Merry Christmas to you and yours (human and canine!) and all the best in 2013!

  9. You will have to post pics after it's decorated. The pups however are absolutely adorable! Sending Christmas wishes your way sweet Jo! xoxo


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