Friday, December 14, 2012

GIFTS FROM THE HEART..............

Personally, I love receiving home made gifts....I believe it really shows someone's caring...So, this year I have made altered bottles for my very dearest friends.

This one is for one of my oldest friends....Jan.....she is also my traveling partner....along with her wonderful husband Jeff.

Used an old bottle I found in Montana...with various pieces of embellishment.  Please notice the picture...of the friend LOVES, LOVES, LOVES fact she has geese as pets...LOL I thought this would be right up her alley.
I know she would have a peacock if she could coax one to stay in her yard. (O:(O:

The next  bottle is for my friend, Shirley.  
She and her husband Tom are very religious and involved deeply in their I thought this would be appropriate.

The front....

The back..

This was made with an old vinegar bottle I had saved because I loved the shape....topped with an old door knob...and embellished with a little Christmas ribbon and some pearls.  I also made this one see through from the back and added a little sparkle to the inside of the doing this I felt she could use this at other times than the holidays.

I hope they like they were made with love and caring....
We have a dinner group that meets once a month...and this Saturday I will be able to share these gifts with the girls..

What have you been making this Christmas??

Hugs from my home to yours..have a beautiful weekend.



  1. Beautiful! I keep Christmas calm and bright. I let it softy fall upon me and those I love.
    I pray it will softy fall upon you.

  2. Those bottles are beautiful. You have so much artistic talent. I am sure your friends will love them.

  3. I give gifts from my kitchen. I'm not creative but I like to try new recipes and share them with others.

  4. Oh those are lovely!! I know Jan and Shirley will love them. The special care you gave to each one to make it just right for each of your friends...that's wonderful!!
    Thanks so much for joining me this week for Pearls and Lace Thursday!

  5. I'm sure your friends will love your gifts of the heart!

  6. this is the most beautiful and unique craft I have saw in a long time, each piece is a work of art, the recipients will be over joyed to receive these beautiful gifts,

  7. Jo-Those ladies are gonna love those gifts. I haven't made the first gift this year. I have been kind of sick and there has been NO time. I do have to make one gift for someone special. xo Diana

  8. I love making and receiving handmade gifts too Jo. Those bottles are beautiful and thoughtful gifts for your friends. I am sure they will treasure them.

    happy weekend.

    XO Danielle

  9. Oh my sweet Jo! Those bottles are absolutely stunning and certainly do make for a wonderful personal gift! Wish we lived closer so we could share some of our craft secrets. Big hugs to you, xoxo

  10. Such beautiful and thoughtful gifts, Jo! Jan and Shirley are sure to love them. :)

  11. They are both absolutely beautiful, and i can see the love there. I'm sure they'll be adored by their recipients! :) Festive, yet not just for Christmastime.

  12. The bottles are beautiful Jo. Unfortunately I don't have a crafty bone in my body.


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