Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I'm always looking for ways to use old things in new ways....so this year I just gathered things from around the house to decorate my table.

Old law books purchased this summer in Fredericksburg, an old shoe form found in Montana...

The vintage bottle shining in the candlelight we found in Wyoming this summer.

Grasses from my yard as well as scented geranium and greek oregano in vases...

This beautiful blue cobalt bud vase belonged to my ex-husband...who used to always spend Thanksgiving with us.
He has been gone a number of years and I like to have his spirit with us....as well as that of Brad's parents.....We use his mom's silverware to eat with...a little tarnished...but loved none the less.

This small blue bottle is one that I altered...it was given to me by a friend in Idaho....It is actually an old vanilla bottle from Mexico...you can still smell the vanilla....added the Traditions tag..as I thought it was so appropriate for this holiday.  I use kantha cloths from India as table covers...as I love the colors....
When we use old things at Thanksgiving we are reminded of those who came generations before enabling us to live this wonderful life we live in this wonderful country of ours.

In closing....we are off on a little cruise for a while...

Here is wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.....see you when we return.


All photos mine except.....boats~~Leslie Saeta
      Vintage Turkey ~~ Free Pretty Things for you Blog


  1. Jo how beautiful is your table, that everything has a meaning for you is wonderful. I have the exact votive holders :D I love the grasses and geranium because you have them growing! they will love you to more for it. I wish you a beautiful cruise. :D blessings, lady

  2. Happy thanksgiving,and have a wonderful cruise, relax and enjoy, Take care Diane

  3. I love your table. You have such a way with making things magical. Enjoy your cruise, my friend. See you on your return.

  4. I'm crazy about your table, and I hope you have a great cruise and a very Happy Thanksgiving!



  5. Dearest Jo...Your table is stunning and I love your use of old things to represent your ancestors.
    I hope your little excursion is filled with many happy moments as well as your Thanksgiving Day! Bon Voyage!
    In Blessing,

  6. such a wonderful table, full of interesting and well loved objects, , treasures, Happy thanksgiving to you and your family, your table looks beautiful!

  7. I love the past, i love thinking of those gone before us, beautiful.

    Thanks you for inspiration.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Have fun.

  8. Have a super wonderful time on your cruise. And a very Happy and wonderful Thanksgiving to you.

  9. I absolutely adore your table! LOVE the decor! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :D


  10. Happy Thanksgiving ! Although we do not celebrate it here, I loved the way you have decorated your table with herbs, flowers and books. Drop in my blog sometime, I also love home decor and I would love to communicate with you !
    Wishing you a wonderful day !

    1. Thanks for your feedback in my blog, I am glad that you came to my place. I never realized that you had so much pain in your life, my heart goes out to you..I also read your other blog where you wrote about Eckhart Tolle, I have read "A New Earth"..I love to read on spiritual topics..So, please feel free to connect anytime whenever you feel like.
      have a nice day !

  11. what a beautiful, creative and unique way to set your table! Happy Thanksgiving sweet Jo. xoxo

  12. Beautiful tablescape! I love that so much of it, if not all of it, was found by you and that all have meaning. Wonderful idea for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. It's wonderful to include the spirits of those who can no longer be at your Thanksgiving table in person. Have a great cruise and enjoy the sea air!

  14. You set a pretty table Jo. Have a great time on your cruise. Happy Thanksgiving.


  15. LOVING your Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Table... everything on it is so very Boheme'! Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Cruise... I'm Green with Cruise Envy, if you went to Bora Bora I want plenty of pixs Okay?! *Winks* I'll have to live vicariously thru your Cruise 'til I finally get to go on one of my own. Thanks for stopping by for a Holiday Blog Visit before you leave... Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. I love the thought and sentiment you put into decorating your table for Thanksgiving....the blue bud vase is gorgeous! A beautiful setting all round....a Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    Enjoy the cruise....how exciting! xo

  17. Absolutely beautiful, dear Jo...truly reflects your special soul...
    I hope Thanksgiving was lovely for you, and I wish you a fun and fabulous cruise!
    Many blessings,
    - Irina

  18. Hope you are having a wonderful time Jo!! I love how you used items from around your home that had a sentimental feel to them.... I love things like that..... Post lots of pics when you get back!!



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