UMMMM......please notice the wonderful cameo of my darling niece around my neck...oh my~~ oh my goodness.....I digress in my story.  Anyway....the reason for this little missive is due to a recent exasperating note I have received, as of late,  from Miss Sophie 

You all remember her don't you....that wonderful Cavalier King Charles who had the PERFECT life.....until Little Mister..aka...Skyler came on the scene.

She writes and I quote...

"Oh Auntie.....I had the perfect life of a 10 year old spaniel....

Endless pampering

People food on very, very many occasions

Always got my own small bowl of rice when we ordered Chinese food

Slept in the big bed with my humans..and I might add...had it all to myself

Was coddled, caressed and loved totally and singularly for the first ten years of my life

Never had to share my humans OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER with anyone else


Little Mister, Skyler.....

Now.... people food treats are almost unheard of

No more rice of my own when we order Chinese

Have to share the bed with HIM and my humans..and.....HE gets the pillow

Have to share pampering time with the new kid in town

And to top it all off.....my humans put me on a DIET....although I do look pretty snazzy having lost five pounds...

Oh Auntie, I need your advice.....how will I get through this puppy stage with little Mister......without having to see the doggie therapist???  You have always given such wise advice......





  1. oh my gosh how beautiful, amazing!!! I enjoy this so much!

  2. I love it. So adorable. Oh that puppy stage is fantastic. Nothing like watching a little puppy or kitten playing.

  3. Okay- I came back and finished reading..got another phone call and almost forgot to leave a comment.

    Poor, poor Miss Sophie- being upstaged by an upstart.lol- Aren't they funny together though?

    I am glad they are both doing well. Five pounds is a LOT for a dog that size to lose. Good for her. My SweetCheeks would notice right away! xo Diana

  4. LOL....how freaking adorable is this! LOL....soooooo nice from other decor blogs I might add mischievously!
    But to help poor little Sophie!> seems boyz always seem to hog things a bit dont they?.....*scratching my head* (getting into dog mode, ya know lol) May I suggest then, that some attentions be given back to Miss Sophie as they were before to make her very very happy??
    especially her own bowl of rice? that may help her feel as before?

  5. How fun and adorable. I love this story.

  6. This is just lovely! I think Miss Sohpie needs some special treats of her own so that she still feels special. Perhaps the ood walk without the puppy. I am having similiar problems with Alfie (my cocker spaniel) at the moment whho is terrified to two 8 week old kittens! xxx

  7. Hello Jo:
    We are sure that you will take your parenting duties to heart and ensure that both the senior and junior members of the family get equal attention. Otherwise, we can see that there will be tears before bedtime all round!

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are such adorable dogs!

  8. Oh Miss Sophie- I know just how you feel! I have a not-so-little interloper Scully in my life. I would suggest you ask for a "date
    night", noone else allowed. I'm trying this w/my Mom with mixed results so good luck.
    So glad Nana Diana sent me-now I don't feel so alone. I will follow you sister.

  9. So much joy shared here! Loved this tribute. We have an interloper in our life too and it is taking a while for the girls to adjust to him being here. Patience is key. Love and hugs to you sweet Jo, xoxo

  10. It is always tough on the older dogs when we bring new pups into our homes. Losing 5 pounds is quite a bit! It is difficult to get weight off of dogs.

  11. Dearest Sophie,
    I know that sometimes the young pup Skylar can test your patience, but I can assure you that your human parents do love and cherish you very much. Perhaps if you try to get along with Skylar they will take you out for a special outing and maybe there will even be treats or a new toy involved. ;) Good luck dear.



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