Monday, November 19, 2012

MY FRUGALITY IS SHOWING........................AGAIN.....

You know me.....if I can make something instead of buying it....I will.

It's the end of the year....and I did not have a new 2013 calendar...but I had already booked some 2013 made my own.

Downloaded some free printable calendars on google....covered an old composition book with some old papers and lace I had on hand.....and instant calendar for 2013.

I didn't really care if it was the "prettiest" calendar on the block....I just wanted something I could use....and NOT PAY $15.00 to $20.00 for.

Being frugal ROCKS!!




  1. Jo- That is just darling. You could probably sell those! Really, really cute idea- xo Diana

  2. Oh my gosh I never thought of doing this, we were just talking about this yesterday, my husband bought a calendar at the checkout in Walmart because it was only a dollar, this is a great idea!!!

  3. What a fantastic idea. I absolutely love it. Wish I were as creative as you are.

    Wishing you an yours a fantastic holiday, my friend.

  4. I think the calender is very cute! Good idea to make one now, I tend to put all my New Year appointments on scraps of paper! lol!


  5. You not only have a very nice calendar for next year but you have the year scheduled! I am in awe.

  6. your frugality has lit my fire. now i will design my own. you are totally awesome.

  7. I would love to do something similar! Someday I'll have the time to devote myself to such fun projects.

  8. You know Jo, your gorgeous photos would make a wonderful calendar!! This one is very sweet, and being frugal is a great thing! Why waste hard earned money on something you can make..and make just as nice to suit your own needs! Happy Thanksgiving Jo, to you, and yours xoxo Christel

  9. What a great idea, Jo, and it looks pretty good to me!

  10. And so does your calendar! That is so creative! :D


  11. awe...what a beautiful calendar! Love your creativity! Big hugs, xoxo


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