Saturday, March 10, 2012

A TRIP TO THE JUNK YARD...................AND THIS AND THAT......

Took a trip to the junk yard with an artist friend of mine.  It is located in Gilbert, AZ and is called Pic and Pull....full of old cars, metal pieces of all sorts and tons and tons of well.....JUNK!! (O:
You bring your own bucket....costs two bucks to get in and they figure out what you owe them when you leave. Picked up most of my finds from the the cost to me for my junk~~~~ZERO.  

Made this quirky necklace from my finds.  An old car bulb, metal pieces of various sorts...old washers and some junk jewelry...can't get a hug wearing this little ditty though...LOL LOL....somebody could get hurt. (O:(O:

This is an old car speaker glued to a junk frame.....going to use this as a holder for pierced earrings....of which I probably have a gazillion.  (O:


Last on my post today... my amaryllis....this is the second time it has bloomed this bloomed at the holidays and it is blooming now.  I've never had one bloom twice.  Perhaps has something to do with all the weird weather we are having now.

I haven't been on the computer much visiting all of  you....have been spending more time outside gardening and just working in my studio.

thanks for your visits and remembering me.

Hugs from AZ,



  1. Would love to go to that junk yard with you, what fun. That amaryllis is gorgeous and two flowerings makes it very special. Have a great Sunday. Diane

  2. Oh Jo, you give a whole new meaning to "junk jewelry"... those are fabulous!!!... xoxo Julie Marie PS So happy you love Barqs Root beer!!!

  3. I bet you in a junk yard like that would be more exciting then a child on Christmas morning. You do make really interesting and beautiful things.

    Your amaryllis is gorgeous, such amazig coloring.

    If my weather allowed, I'd be outside too, instead of in the house blogging. ENJOY

  4. Hi Jo, Looks like time well spent, I love your Clever Creations.... I guess No Hugging with that one~ what a great idea going to a junk yard. Love the Bloom, I have my fingers crossed for Spring to arrive real soon, we do have some green, but yesterday & today it was COLD!
    Have a wonderful week

  5. WHAT a junkyard that is! Your amaryllis is absolutely beautiful. I did not know they would bloom again so! Have a great rest of the weekend- xo Diana

  6. I just love AZ this time of year~ and I adore your 'junk.' You really have a great artistic eye!

  7. Hi Jo! My first visit and already I love your jewellery. I am now going to have some fun going back through your older posts xxx

  8. That is the great thing about Arizona. The dry climate preserves a lot of the "Junque" that is there. We visited a quirky little town called Chloride and the yards were filled with folk art creations. Loved it.

  9. Jo, it sounds like you had a great time at the junk yard. The amaryllis is absotely gorgeous and I am green with enjy. I hope you had a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  10. great finds, great creation.

    time in the garden and living is the best of the best.

    stop in and visit as you can.


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