Remember when.......
Laundry rooms used to be just rooms to do laundry in.....they were messy....often cluttered with an overflow of stuff you had no place else for in your home.

WELL......look at these beauties.....

This one is so clean....I would be afraid to use it.

I think you could have a dinner party in this one....it already has the flowers.

And....this.....looks more like a laundry room to me....what do you think?

AND last but not least......

My laundry room..

A few weeks ago...my old washer and dryer died.....so it was time for a new set.

I knew exactly what I wanted....no white appliances  for me....no sir.....ree.... Had to be RED.

We painted our back door sometime ago.....and I wanted my washer and dryer to match my door.  Kind of silly I know....but I smile every time I do laundry.....washer and dryer even play a "little tune" when they are done....can you believe it?  (O:

Hugs from here,
I've gotta go do laundry...teehee


  1. Okay, I have to know. What tune do they play??

  2. I love your red door, my front door is red!! Lavish laundry rooms,probably with a housekeeper to do the laundry. Far cry from where my washer and dryer are.....just thankful they work:-)

  3. Jo-Years ago those laundry rooms were often a spot in an unfinished basement...or they were a pass through from garage to house with no room for anything.

    That red washer and dryer you have is just like the one my daughter has. She says it makes her smile when she is in there! Love it...yours looks great! xo Diana

  4. If a washing machine can be beautiful yours certainly is. Love the red and it is so you Jo.


  5. Now this makes me want to do laundry! Love the pretty red colors you chose. My laundry room is in the basement of my very old house and is very unappealing!! Hence...I hate doing laundry!


  6. Beautiful laundry room -- must be a joy to do laundry now, eh? Hahahahahahaha!

  7. Love the RED door and the RED appliances. Very sassy.
    If we have to do laundry, it just as well be fun and inspiring don't you think.
    well of course you do........that's why you chose RED

  8. This Is My dream Laundry. 3 more Months and it will be mine!!!!!


    Love the Red Washer and Drier! Red Makes My happy

  9. Love it! The red door and matching red washer and dryer are true inspirations!

  10. love those red babies Jo...
    when i was early 20's, newly wed, apartment life, had to go to laundromat...remember those? never forget...too much soap in a front loader machine...suds start coming up and out the shoot...overflowing like mt. vesuvius...onto the floor...9:00 p.m. all alone in the place, i go for a mop...slip and fall...can't get up...finally, try again, repeat mop, slip, can't get up!!! it was like an I Love Lucy show :D i was waiting for that guy to come out of the closet and yell 'smile, you're on candid camera'
    love your laundry room Jo......BEAR HUGS xxx ~victoria~

  11. I was looking at the EXACT same set a few weeks ago! Isn't that red amazing?

    Can't believe I'm jealous of a laundry room, but I am! lol Can I come over and do mine at your house? ;)


  12. I've seen those red ones...as soon as mine need replaced, i think I'm gonna try to get the red ones too!! Love em!! Hope you're enjoying them...well, as much as possible anyway, doing laundry is still a chore, but I'll bet you smile every time you see them! :D

  13. Ok, can I move into your laundry room? I'll trade labor (doing your laundry) for rent:)

  14. our kitchen is also our laundry room :p it was one of those things i found odd at first when i moved here, washing machines in the kitchen :p


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