Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Yep......another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel......meet Skyler......here he is at approximately 6 weeks.

Here is a picture of him this week...  We will be picking him up by the weekend...and we are pretty excited.

As you know...our Miss Sophie is getting up in years and we so love this breed....we wanted another.  We have done some test visiting at our house and it has gone fairly well.  Although...since Miss Sophie is such an adult dog she really could care less if there is a puppy to play with...but not me....Oh Boy.....I love playing with puppies and babies....not necessarily in that order..mind you.  LOL  LOL

Here is Miss Sophie....she will ALWAYS be the "apple of my eye"...but we are getting ready for this new pup!

Hugs from here....I'll keep you posted.



  1. OH JO! I am NOW IN "CUTE OVERLOAD"!!! I REALLY Envy you with a new puppy coming! They are SO SWEET and FUN!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! What an absolute cutie pie! Of course, Miss Sophie is quite a sophisticated lady! I wish you love and great happiness with your new fella!
    I just lost Boots, my kitty. He was a friend to me like no other. It is difficult to speak about him. I loved him so much!
    Happy week for you! Hugs, Anne

  3. Jo both of your pups are so adorable. I am so excited for you to be getting a new member of the family soon.


  4. I think this is a smart idea and wow...what a cute pup!!!


  5. Oh, he's adorable! I hope Skyler and Miss Sophie become BFFs.

  6. I was here earlier but I keep thinking aobut all the beautiful art you display! Tell me aobut it please!

  7. Is it okay to purr with delight for your new puppy? Yes, I'm one of those - a cat and dog lover! Skyler looks adorable. I hope the introduction goes well.

  8. A puppy! Oh you are going to have fun!

  9. That puppy is just soooooo cute. I so miss not having a dog around the place, but with travelling and the costs involved we have decided no pets :( Diane

  10. what a beauty, I love this breed, so much personality, you are a very lucky woman!

  11. oh i want one!!!
    Skyler is adorable :D
    BEAR thinks so too...
    happy days ahead
    (i love puppy dog breath)
    don't tell anyone
    they'll think i'm wierd :D
    BEAR HUGS xxx ~victoria~

  12. OH I am sssssssssssssoooo jealous!!! I love the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!! They are so precious! Congrats on your new addition Jo! That is sure to be one lucky pup! xoxo

  13. absolutely adorable puppy!!! Skylar is going to a good home.
    I had a cocker spaniel once and adored her. Her name was Ladybug.
    Now we have a standard poodle, Lucy, and she is our baby for sure.

  14. Oh so adorable, so precious. Love Skyler's name. I think Miss Sophie will take the newpup under her wing. Newpups are so much fun, even though they are a lot of work. It's such a great time for bonding. My pups are 10 and 8 years old. I've thought of getting a newpup, but I don't think my little Meeka would be very happy about it. I'm looking forward to wonderful and funny stories about Skyler and many pictures too.

  15. Jo...what a precious bundle in Skyler you have!
    I bet you are ecstatic! I know I would be...
    I love the Spanial breed too...

    Congratulations on your new addition! :)

  16. Such beautiful fur babes!!! Their little faces as sooo cute!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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