Saturday, March 31, 2012


I believe....nothing.....makes you see the world through new eyes like a new baby or a new puppy.  They don't miss a minute of anything and notice everything.

We brought sweet Skyler home Thursday afternoon to stay.  His personality is so very different from our Miss Sophie I can't believe it.  He puts everything in his mouth....Sophie almost never explored plants and leaves that way.  He cries occasionally because he misses his litter....she never cried...not once.
He comes and lays on my shoe when I am in the kitchen working....just to be close to me....Sophie never did that either.  Oh don't get me wrong....our Sophie is a real lover....but just in a different way.

The breeder explains it this way....the little girls...."love you"....but the little boys...."are in love with you."  big difference.....
Everything is going well so far....and boy are we busy, busy, lol...
Love it though!

Just a short up date from here...hugs to all of you who follow.




  1. Oh my gosh he is absolutely adorable! How are you ever going to say no to those eyes? Sounds like you're in love too!

  2. He is so cute!!! And their personalities are so unique to them. Our two girls are so different - almost opposites. You are going to have so much fun with Skyler and so much love.

  3. He is sooo cute. You're right - there is nothing like a puppy to bring new love and excitement to your life.

  4. a million words could not adequately describe the new baby....Skyler

    i think Skyler is all boy.....


  5. He is so cute! Congrats on the new baby.


  6. Oh Skyler is adorable! He will be such a wonderful addition to your family. I think somebody's falling in love with him, right? I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more stories.

  7. We haven't had a puppy in so very many years. What a cute "baby". I love him. One of the things I love is that sweet little puppy dog breath when they are so little still. xo Diana

  8. Skyler is absolutely precious! I can see the love in his eyes. I bet he's keeping you super busy. Enjoy! Best wishes, Tammy

  9. Congrats on the new fur baby!! We have 7 and we love them all to bits!!!


  10. Sooooooo CUTE !!! He will provide you with hours and years of fun and love. (an a little work..tee,hee)

  11. No kidding about babies and puppies, or youth of any species, I suppose. Watching my now 6 month old grandson greet the world every day makes me look at the world myself through fresh eyes.

  12. A new little one! What a doll:) Just like kids, they all have their own little personality and I love his:) I can just see you and Brad with huge smiles, busy or not. I know how much love will be there for him. Hugs to Miss Sophie too, maybe I'll get to see them both in the fall! Love your new look here too. xox

  13. LOL he is so cute and it is the same way here...Molly loves me but is independent but Lil Guy is like glue...he adores me and protects me ferociously!!! LOL they are our children with paws!! <3

  14. Awwww, you little Skyler is picture perfect. Ya can just see the personality oozin' outta him. Sweet.

    Yep, I can see this one's a ball of energy and a whole lotta love!

    God bless ya and have yourself an excellent kinda week sweetie!!! :o)


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