Monday, November 7, 2011

WHAT'S IN A NAME????.....................................

"A wise man is superior to any insults which can be set upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation."

I have an unusual first name.....Josette.....this post is dedicated to all out there who have had to endure the kidding and chiding that being different can bring.

My lineage in fact my lineage dates back to the Louie's.

However...I did not know I was French until very late in 40's in fact.  I always thought my mother named me after her French maid when my dad was stationed in Germany after the war.

Not a lot of communication in my family of a child I hated my first name.

It was a weird name given to an insecure little girl who's eyes were crossed and  had to wear glasses.  Neither my  teachers nor my classmates knew how to pronounce it and it was often slaughtered....with anything from Josetta to Jo Setee ......and anything in between.  The first day of school I would squirm in my chair as the roll was read out loud ...... always dreading when my name would come up and would invariably be mispronounced.  

When you are a don't want to be I changed my name to a shorter version......and became Jo.
Simple enough....and I've gone by that ever since.

However, as I've grown into myself so to speak....I've come to love my first name.
It's beautiful and different.....and certainly matches the woman I've become.  My mom has long passed and I never thanked her for naming me in this special Thanks Mom.

Do you love your name?

sweet hugs,

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  1. Sandie is a pretty common, ordinary name and the only time I got teased was when Sandy was a dog in a book in grade school. However, my given name is Sandra and I am definitely not a Sandra - much too formal for me. So through the years I have spelled Sandy every way I could. From the y to ee to ye to ie.

  2. Josette is a beautiful name. Sandra is my given name.

    Good post idea.

  3. I hated my given name--Martha--and when I was in high school, became known as Marti. Only my mom and Uncle Sam ever called me Martha. It was such an old fashioned name, different from all my peers modern names. The worst incident--I was a freshman in hs and was acting up in algebra class. The teacher caught me and told me in front of everyone that my home work would be to give a report on the meaning of my name. So the next day in front of all the class, I had to report that my name meant LADY. Talk about humiliated, but it was a lesson I never forgot. Now, even though I am over the hill, I still prefer Marti, because I often act unladylike if only in my mind.

  4. Bonjour Josette... I am sooo happy you have chosen to use your given first name in full... it is a beautiful French name which suits you perfectly... I am happy you know who you are and now your name completes everything... yes, I love my name as well... my daddy always called me by my full name of Julie Marie,(the Marie after all of my French grandmothers) never just Julie, so I go by that to this day... and being French as well, I kept my French maiden name of Vicknair I love it so much... I treasure my mama's English side of our family as well, and honor my heritage on both sides... so happy you have traced your roots as well... it is so much fun and so interesting... I have traced my French ancestors back to the 1600's... would love to hear more stories about your French family and where they were from?... Bisous... Julie Marie

  5. a gorgous name.
    How sad that as kids, we have to be influenced by the stupidity and unkindness of others.
    Sure, Jo is a cute nickname.
    but the heritage and beauty of Josette is invaluable.
    It seems that only when we become more "sure of ourselves" do we stand firm, and not need the validation of others.

    I always thought Wendy was a weird name, as I never came across many Wendy's when growing up. Still don't actually.
    names are powerful, meaningful...and should be carried with pride I think.

    It's just hard........when we are little.

  6. My mother's name is Marteal. I've never seen another. Her immediate family calls her "Teal." It's different, for sure. I am one of the many named Jo Anne, but the difference between mine and some others is that there's a space between the Jo and the Anne. Government documents do not like that space, however, and sometimes force me to squish it together as JoAnne. Not the way my mom intended it...but... Only my parents and husband typically call me Jo, but I like it and think of myself as a Jo. That's how I sign notes and letters to friends and family. My dad used to call me Jody or Josephine as his pet names for me. But he was the only one that could get away with that.

  7. Yay..I love Josette...beautiful post..gorgeous name my friend! I understand your story so well parents were immigrants from Italy..their names.. and the names they gave us children " at the time' were not always people often would make fun..or would not honor your 'full name' or take it and change it so it didnt sound italian etc.. and call you something different, funny eh?
    I love my name for I was named after my father Vittorio..'s to claiming the beauty of your name!

  8. I love your name...both Josette and Jo. I think we grow into our names. My given name is Janet, so we are not too far off with it shortened!

    Interesting comments!


  9. As a Mary Margaret who went to a parochial school for 13 years in the 60's and 70's, the nuns called me every combination of the two names, coupled with another name... Mary Kathryn or Frances Margaret, etc. BUT rarely the correct combination and NEVER just "Mary". LOL

    When I look back, I realize how it could have been pretty difficult for them to keep track. I think there were at least 8 Marys in my grade alone.

    I don't mind it as much now and I'm told it suits me, but only family members call me by my full name these days.

    I also think that Josette suits you, beautiful lady!

    Mrs B aka Mary Margaret

  10. Josette is such a beautiful name. I can certainly identify with your childhood insecurities. Went through it myself because of my dad's alcoholism. Took a lot of taunting so it was easy for them to taunt me about my name. My first name is Holmes and they would say things like, "Leave her alone. Sherlock is her uncle and he'll come and get you.' Then they'd laugh and run away. Even today I don't use my full first name, preferring Mary.

  11. I am certain your mother is smiling, happy to know you have grown into your unique French roots.

  12. Both fit you now, but Josette fits your style and like you say, who you've become. Jo is just easier:)
    I'll email you with what I was called growing up. But it was my last name that was the worse, it also being french..... Jake I like better as a nickname.

  13. Dearest Jo, I love your name! I find it suits you. My first name, Mitzi is a German name that I am often asked if it is a nickname or it's short for something. Of course it isn' is my name. I love my name, though as you know, for my blog, I'm using my middle name. Loved reading this background info. Big hugs

  14. I hear you! I do not like being called by my first name (which invited waaaaayyyy too much teasing when I was little), so as soon as I hit high school, I started going by my middle name, which I love.

    It's a personal thing. I love your name, but when you have memories of being teased... There is a great children's book about a little mouse named Chrysanthemum and her struggles with her name. Very sweet.

  15. I think you have one of the most beautiful names there are. The name Josette makes me think of someone who is very feminine yet sultry. Quiet and wise. I am so glad you have found comfort with it as an adult as it is such a lovely name.

    My first name comes from my great grandmother (Mina) and my middle name from my grandmother (Rose). Both wonderful and strong women so I have always been proud of my name. So wonderful to visit with you, my dear friend. Sending warm hugs to you.

  16. I hated my name while growing up. I was teased and made fun of using my name. Now that I am grown I do love my name. I was named after my two grandmothers. I did not know that as a child and now that I do know it wear my first and middle name proudly. I enjoyed this post and by the way I love your name. Hugs

  17. I always wanted to be a Jo when I was growing up. Seemed to unique. My name is just boring. I have met quite a few Pam's online, but never met another one in real life.

  18. I too love your given name. But I have always appreciated that my parents gave me a long name Carolyn but then used the short name Carrie. I never liked my long name growing up but of course as maturity finally blossomed and that if I ever became a professional in an occupation I could use Carolyn. It's wonderful having the choice of 2 names when meeting people or presenting yourself. However also growing up I was such a tom boy I would have loved a short boys name like Jo. I see so much Josette in the way you present your blog. You truly have grown into the name.


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