Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AGING GRACEFULLY.............................

As a woman of a certain age, I am always interested in little ways to "age gracefully" as they say.
One cannot stop the natural aging little insights are always helpful.

Came across these little tidbits from a site called "The Happy Seeker"... thought they were valuable so I wanted to share them with you.  Here is what he had to say. 

                  1.  Learn from nature
                 2.  Be still 
                 3.  Be persistent
                 4.  Value little moments
                 5.  Love balance
                6.  Be interested in other people
                7.  Be kind

I'm sure there are many more that each of you could please do so...if you would care to.

In closing just want to add a little exchange between my wonderful soul mate and I.  This afternoon while heading out to do errands he commented on how youthful I which I replied,"thank you, but I know how I look and I just want to age gracefully.  To which he replied "I JUST WANT TO AGE!"
Cute huh?

Hugs, hugs and more hugs,


  1. Photo Wise Women by Joyce Tenneson


  1. After reading your response to your soul mate's loving comment I know what I want to add to the list.
    Always accept a compliment with nothing more than a thank you.

  2. I love this list and would love to add, 'be yourself'. I see so many who try to retain their youth by dressing far too young or wearing too much makeup when, in fact, the beauty is with being themselves.

  3. Hi Jo. Good advice.
    If I have to age and acquire wrinkles then I would embrace my laugh lines the most.


  4. Amen to your soul mate's response!

  5. Hi Jo
    What a beautiful post and list... if I were to add anything it would be... to see others with your heart, not your eyes.
    Blessings to you

  6. Nice post, Jo. I was going to say 'be yourself' like mxtodia123 said. I know someone who is pushing 70 and dresses in what I call Fredericks of Hollywood clothes! Skin tight pants and see-through tops, her hair is teased high, piles of makeup and lots of gold jewelry. She does have a fab figure for her age, but the rest? Hmmm. She gets a lot of looks, to say the least. Anyway, I like the 'I shall wear purple' thinking, but in a way that my children won't be ashamed of me! That's my two cents. :D

  7. Just be
    and let be

    everyone is uniquely magnificent...

  8. Ha ha, just want to age - oh yes, we don't want to die young huh? Graceful and beautiful ageing is such an important theme, because age does have it's beautiful sides. I have wrinkles around my eyes, but still feel prettier than when i was 20. All the advice up there is very valuable! Have a happy thursday!

  9. a good post this one! accept compliments from loved ones, i would add.
    and i love the reaction of your loved one!
    me too i just want to age! the alternative is not very attractive ; )

  10. I've always thought I would like to be one of those eccentric grandma's who wear outrageous clothes and do and say whatever. But that's not me. I am much too conservative. So I'll stick with your soul mate's answer and say I just want to get old. My Aunt Happy is a marvelous example of growing old gracefully.

  11. LOL thats cute "I just want to age"

    I would add to your list of tidbits,
    Learn to accept a compliment with a simple thank you. :O).
    I think learning to accept a sincere compliment is a well worth while exercise and oddly can be harder to do than it sounds LOL :O).

  12. Hi Jo, I liked this post very much. I am now 50, and have been battling a bit with the aging process myself. I think what I am learning is that I need to love me, for me, and then others will do the same. I have seen many women my age try to mask getting older with tighter jeans, and more makeup..not me, if anything, these days I am wearing far less make up, and far looser clothing. I earned every wrinkle now appearing on my face, every age sopt on my hands, is a tribute to my mother. She has always complained about age spots on her hands, I on the other hand think they are little stories.. hard working, harder loving hand, that look like my moms! Have a great week, Christel

  13. I like your aging guides. I would add think young and outside the box. Do dumb stuff, it will give you good memories and make your family shake their heads, and your friends call the looney bin to come and get you.

  14. Love this post, Jo! Your guy is smart!! I love the list and the additions in the comments!


  15. Now THAT is a wise man! I hope to age gracefully, too. Not always easy in this "youth seeking perfect world"-when youth and beauty is valued more than age and serenity. xo Diana

  16. Very refreshing post. I am not understanding our aging process however I am living and accepting it with a smile. I try to do more for others less fortunate than I. Blessings...

  17. Smile makes everyone look better and feel better!

  18. You're only old if you let yourself wallow in dumb numbers...that's all age is anyway. Do something silly at least once a day and accept whatever comes along with all the knowledge you've acquired over your lifetime. And I think having a soul mate to 'age gracefully' with is a big plus... Give him a hug:)

  19. Just immensly wise and beyond lovely post,dear Jo:-)*
    Yes, helps everywhere!!!

    Thank you for this beautiful post!

    Love and hugs,

  20. Good Morning Josette ~ Well, I don't age! Nope! I'm young, young! My age has remained the same for years... :)
    Perhaps a good sense of humour counts.

  21. What a smart one your dear husband is.

  22. Hi Jo... beautiful post... okay, here are my thoughts on aging, I posted this on my blog when I first started with a pic of me now and one when I was 7 years old... "you aren't just the age you are, you are all the ages you ever have been"... that is sort of my live~by motto... some days I am ten years old again (often!)... I believe if one thinks they are old, they will become old... I am young at heart, and rather than say I am aging gracefully, I always say I am "aging gratefully"... xoxo Julie Marie

  23. This post was wonderful. The photo of young woman and Grandmother gave me goosebumps. It is so gorgeous, Great tips. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving wit loved ones.

  24. What a super beautiful post in so many ways! are so awesome and wonderful my friend!
    Wishing you a fabulous day!

  25. What beautiful advice. In our plastic surgery stay young society, it is nice to see wholesome purity in what it is to age gracefully. Hugs, my friend.

  26. Sweet Jo...I would have to agree that that is a beautiful list for aging gracefully! One that could/should be used no matter the age...but great insite! Big hugs to you sweet friend.


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