Friday, November 18, 2011


"Le style est l'homme meme."

Style is the dress of thoughts

Everyone is drawn to a certain color pallet in their decoration, clothing, art, ect.  Years ago we used to do something called color draping....perhaps it is still being done.  The color pallets fall into four categories...aligning with the seasons.
I happen to be an Autumn.  I didn't always know I was an autumn...but it does seem as though I was always drawn to fall colors.

For many years of my life I lived surrounded by taupes and beiges....perhaps out of fear or just because I thought these colors suited me best. I have gotten older I have come to realize that I am a TRUE 

No bouncing back and forth between Winter, Spring or Summer for me.  No sir.

These are a few pics from around my just blows me away how strongly I am drawn to this color pallet.

I always love, love, love looking at all the pink and soft blue and lovely cool white rooms and homes out here in blogland and think.....ahh.....I want to go that way......but it is simply impossible for me to do so.
Further reading about myself indicates that the most important aspects of my nature on which  I focus  are my spiritual, physical and mental health.

I don't know how accurate color draping actually is....but if you want to study the history of color...and it has quite a history....delve into readings about Albert Munsell, Wassily Kandinsky, Johannes Itten, Faber Birren and Suzanne Caygill.

What color pallet do you believe you fall into??


  1. Seeing pictures of your beautiful home has been giving me ideas about decorating my own new place. I've been going back to some of your old posts as well and feel very inspired. Thank you.

  2. I am an autumn all the way. Your decor is just beautiful and I would feel at home right away!

    I do have one slight deviation - I love a muted pink. I found the perfect vintage pink "Boudoir" by Benjamin Moore and did my bedroom in it. I paired it with burgundy, plum, and black accent colors and it looks gorgeous.

  3. I see these all white rustic rooms in the decor magazines and I love them.. but my homes are always earthy darker shades of buttered rum, burgundy, browns, rusts, golds, greens. Warm versions of all those colors. I can't even make a quilt without then tan dyeing it to warm up and age all the colors! LOL. Though I can appreciate any color :O), I don't do bright colors or cool colors for myself, they don't feel right for me. :O).

  4. I love the same colors!! There give color but are very earthy to me...I believe I would be an autumn too..

    I love your looks so comfy!! The colors...Pillows and throw...those are essentials!! LOL

    Beautiful Blog!!

    Linda :)

  5. I'm guessing I must be an Autumn person too because I just can't live without color. I am drawn to maroon, red, deep blues and many shades of green. Like you, I love the look of all white, shabby chic, but it just wouldn't be me. Happy weekend wishes to you, Tammy

  6. I love Autumn colors too and tend toward them in dress and interiors. I too love the look of the shades and tints of white in shabby chic french style but not enough to redo the house, plus Honey Man would mutiny -lol-
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  7. probably winter since i love the seasons colours

  8. hmmm.guess I have never really considered what actually pallet I might be..but my bedroom is spruce..a muted blue/green/gray color, my kitchen in celery, my living room, and both baths are ranchwood..a slightly bumped up taupe, we have a combination of hard wood, and cranberry carpets..guess that makes me an all season girl??? Lovely pictures Jo, the mirrior in your bath is beautiful!!1 I have two that are very similar to that, although not quite as ornante. This one is just gorgeous! Have a great weekend, Christel

  9. I'm definitely an Autumn... I dress in warm, deep tones and have decorated my home with them as well. Like you, I love the beachy white and cool toned rooms I've seen in magazines and around the blogosphere, but I'm always drawn back to warmer colors.

    I do have one guest bedroom that's done in light yellows, creams, blues and greens, but that's as far as I could ever take it.

    Beautiful home, Jo! But knowing what a beautiful lady you are, that doesn't surprise me...

    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. My favorite vertical column is the next to last one with New Green at the top. My favorite horizontal column is the one across the bottom. What season does that make me???

  11. Your home is beautiful.....nice strong colors.

  12. Jo, Thanks for sharing your home. I love your thought prevoking words. What color am I? Believe it or not we are kindred souls. I am autumn also. My living room is terra cotta orange. The rest of my home is mostly silvery greens in various shades. I too love the white airiness of some homes with the pinks and greens or soft blues but I realize that can never be me. I like red too much. Enjoyed your blog today. Have a great one.


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