Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well, Thanksgiving is over.....had a great visit with friends....ate too now on to the next project.

For years we have had a wonderful helper who has decorated our tree....she and her helpers work a good part of the day getting both the inside and outside of our home ready for the holidays.  She can use the income......and WE can use the help.

Well.....this year....she had a hip NO helper....which means that my sweet soul mate and I have to put up the decorations.  We started this weekend.....we did not put up the big tree....just the little guy.  I have forgotten how much enjoyment I get out of decorating my home for the season.

We have had someone help us since the mid 90' it has been a while since we have had to do this ourselves.

Since I have not done this for so many years....I really did not know how many lovely ornaments actually adorned our tree.  Today I was able to see each one and choose the one's to place upon the tree.

Not done it takes a few days for us to accomplish this task...but it has been enjoyable...and it just might become a Christmas Tradition again for us.

Hugs from my house to yours,



  1. Your decorations look beautiful! You're doing a great job and I'm so happy you are enjoying the process.

  2. Hi Jo... it is looking so pretty!... I do hope it becomes a Christmas tradition again for you... there is nothing like the feeling of warm memories of Christmases past that bringing out all of the ornaments gives you... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I could use a helper. I have always done the decorating by myself since my daughter married and moved out of the house. I'm not really in the mood to do it by myself this year. Maybe I can find someone to do it for me. ~Ames

  4. So long as you're not on a deadline, you can do the decorating slowly and make it fun!

  5. I've been alone 16 years now and haven't done much decorating at all....Maybe someday I'll tackle it again. This year I think it'll be the tiny wannabe one with a few other things scattered always:) You and your sweetie enjoy this time together let us see the end results, and be carefull!

  6. I used to decorate our house. Every room from the bathroom, to the bedrooms, to the living room and the kitchen. But now we have a small tree and four stockings and that's it. So I'm going to enjoy your beautiful decorations. And your memories along with them.

  7. It looks like you are off to a wonderful and festive start.

  8. Hi Jo,
    Sorry I have been absent from your blog lately but I have been busy with lots of visitors. :)
    But here I am again.
    I am so happy you are experiencing the fun of decorating your Christmas Tree. Love your tree decorations and can't wait to see a photo of the final product. :)
    I have decorated my home already and now I am decorating my tree. I love Christmas so all the decorating brings joy into my heart!
    Have fun .

  9. I'd love to have a helper taking it all down. I love putting it up...slowly. Savoring the moments of seeing all those ornaments after a year of them being tucked away. But I am Christmased out by January!! Last year i paid my you and your helper, it was a win win situation!

    Have a great day, Jo!


  10. Ahhh...the magic of Christmas! Yours looks like a lovely beginning.

    I don't put up so much any more, with kids grown and gone with families of their own.
    I have a little ceramic tree that has become my staple tree, which my Oldest Aunt made many years ago. It is a tradition for me to put that out...I began getting things ready this weekend but ran out of steam for the rest of the things but will continue to work on the rest of the decorating this week.

    Having a helper sounds wonderful. I hope your friend heals quickly! Have fun with your ongoing decorating. :)


  11. I will enjoy Christmas decorations vicariously this year on your blog! I used to go all out at Christmas, inside and out. But the last couple of years, I just felt more quiet and didn't do much. Sad in a way, but I felt less pressured and relaxed. I told the kids they could decorate as much as they wanted. I miss seeing all the special ornaments, but I like the feeling of taking it easy as the hectic holidays approach!

  12. Enjoy your festive holiday cheer.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  13. My tree has lights attached and is about nine years old. But it is beautiful sooooooo..... for the last three days my husband is removing all the attached light strings and removing each little clip to replace them all. I couldn't bear getting a new one because I love the one I have. He has worked diligently and just now has all the old ones off. Now he will replace them and by the time I work off on Thursday we will decorate... I hope.... Your tree is lovely. don't you just love Christmas. I do... Have a Holly Jolly days before Christmas. I can't wait to see more post.

  14. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
    over here...

    Oh yes, Christmas is always magical,
    especially for the little ones.

    I have my little tree decked out in sparkling
    copper and gold ornaments of stars, butterflies, and snowflakes, and irredescent acorns.

    still no snow here.

    Just continuous pouring rain.

    greetings from Canada

    hugs and love


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