Thursday, August 18, 2011


 "Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes."
Benjamin Franklin

Changes are in the wind for beautiful partner and I are ready to down size a little.

Smaller spot......smaller town.......fewer expenses.....
less stress.

We are just kicking tires for now.......but I know we will make it happen.  We are both retired and ready for a lifestyle change....we'll still travel and see this wonderful country of ours....but hopefully our home base will be a little less work and a little less costly.

I say..........We are ready.......hopefully you'll follow along on the matter how long it takes.

Hugs sweet friends,


photo:  Art Worth Hanging UP ~ Ben Sillvermann
Jeff Rogers ~ Flikr


  1. Saddled-up and ready for what ever and where ever, Jo


  2. I would love to go with you where the wind blows you,my friend.

  3. I think people are very wise who know when it's time to downsize and simplify as they age. So many people hold on past the point of reason and all it does is cause problems later.

  4. We are here for the long haul and hopefully for you it won't be too long. I love not having a homebase that's a lot of work. We are just getting too old to do all of that stuff.

  5. WOOT! YAYA I wish, I wish that I could do the same...and when it is possible I will be ready..right? <3
    Be brave...DO it!

  6. Jo...I'm so happy for you. You sound like you have great plans in the making and you are doing exactly what I want to do when we!! I wish you all the best, sweet lady!!


  7. You join the ranks of many baby boomers. I say tally ho and go for it.

    We are both retired and have adjusted our travel plans. We will travel, beginning in March 2012, we will stay put longer in one place. We are so excited.

    Why not indeed.

  8. Retired! I am so jealous. Would do it tomorrow if only I were a bit less grasshopped, a bit more ant! Will be happy to follow along to see how you make all the decisions...

  9. Oh gosh, am I ever dreaming about retiring and downsizing, getting out of this city and into a nice country cottage. That is my dream.

    By the way, I've been commenting here regularly. I wonder why they didn't go through. I know several people have been having problems getting through on my blog. I too, my email address off several weeks ago when a troll started harassing me on my blog. It's been awhile now so I'll put it back on.

  10. I think you are so smart to do this. I'm onboard!



  11. I am not retired yet, but very close.
    I had to downsize a couple of years ago.

    Wishing you all the best.
    Chase that dream of yours and find your bliss.


  12. It sounds like a great plan! I wouldn't mind a smaller house...certainly less to clean ~ :)

  13. Change can be good!! All the best JO!
    Pamela ox

  14. Jo,

    I wish you and your partner all the best with your future plans!

  15. you make me want to do the same thing! way to go and
    "may the road rise to meet you."

  16. There are times I long for just what you are going for... smaller town, smaller expenses. Just wanting to simplify life. I wish you many blessings as you go after the changes in your life.

  17. Sounds fun, exciting and freeing! You know that I will follow you anywhere! BTW: I left something for you on my blog...but I don't post awards do you? No matter, you made the list and it will direct traffic to your blog! ~Hugs, M

  18. I LOVE THAT FIRST QUOTE! Well, my dreams are certainly wearing their workcloths this summer. I have embarked on reading more poetry and trying my hand at it. School starts next week so I think my dreams will be still wearing their work cloths and it will be a while until they are sporting velvet, but the journey is so worth it! MAY THESE DREAMS COME TO FRUITION DEAR ONE!

    Thank you so much for visiting! Anita

  19. Dear Jo,
    I wish you good luck on your new venture, I know that you will make a success of it as it shines through in your words. You seem such a positive person and probably make good out of any situation.
    Many thanks for your lovely comment. Lets hope that we can sort out the environmental issues that man has given itself.
    Much love. XXXX

  20. How exciting, Jo! I'm sure you'll find a wonderful place to relax.

  21. Just stopping in to say hi Jo and thank you for all of your get well wishes for me... xoxo Julie Marie

  22. Someday and I hope sooner than later I hope my honey and I will do the same...


  23. Less stress in any form is nourishment for my soul. I will be here every step of the way down your new journey. Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet Jo.

  24. Hey, you've got me for life already! I love new adventures so I'll be in your back pocket :)


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