Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MY MOTHER..........MYSELF.........

Thoughts of my MOTHER come crashing at year's end.....

SHE died at 57~~~I was 31

One's mother is the guide post~~
the compass 
the true NORTH STAR of one's life.

When I think about my MOTHER...these thought's surface..

She was gracious in a very quiet sort of way


She was so very FRENCH

She was giving..but that trait was stifled at every turn

Her laugh was joyous and her smile even more so

Her favorite color was RED

She worked harder than anyone I have ever known

She had her own private demons she was never able to put to rest

As I sit here on this cold rainy day..I realize that I let her personal struggles cloud my vision of her...I harbor regret for that.

I loved her dearly
She was my guide post and my compass

this last photo is a painting I had no title...I have titled it JACQUELINE....It reminds me so much of my beautiful mother. Jacqueline was her name.

gentle hugs dear friends,



  1. Your mother was so beautiful. This time of year is hard on many of us. My mom and I never had that mother/daughter closeness, but still I miss her. She was my mother. And now, before I begin to cry, I send you gentle hugs. ((())).

  2. Hi Jo,thank you so much for becoming a follower! I love your blog. This post really hits home. I lost my mom when I was 11 and she was only 36. I wish I knew her better. Truly a north star, even then. Take care, Riki

  3. Precious post! Beautiful lady. The painting is beautiful too with a now, perfect title.

  4. Jo, I think this is a lovely tribute to your beautiful mother. My mother's favorite color was red as well. Fortunately, I had her for much longer and miss her a lot.

    Wishing you the best for the new year.


  5. Holidays are always bittersweet for me as my memories of those days are so wonderful...until she died, then my memories are lacking in many things...mostly her.
    Your mother was lovely and I thank you for sharing such a loving, tender tribute to her. Thinking of you sweet Jo...;j

  6. Oh this time of year can be so bitter sweet. May God bless you all through the year and bless you with happy memories.
    Love, Debbie

  7. Oh Jo, your mother died too young. Mine too. She was only 63 and died the same year, at the same age and of the same disease as Audrey Hepburn. My mom was an angel as well and her favorite color? RED!!!! She even looked like your MAMAN, and was often mistaken for being French! I lost her 23 years ago, and for the first 10, I felt a certain way about how she lived; I never wanted to end up like her... But as I have grown older and hopefully wiser, I feel a completely different way about how she lived and DIED. She was courageous. She was quiet, uneducated, but full of grace and love. Her name in fact was Grace; funny how things work out.....May you have a splendid 2011 carrying on with the love Jacqueline left behind for you dearest....I know that is all I have left of "ma mère"....Happy 2011, Anita

  8. Dear Jo, this is a lovely post and you are fortunate to have such beautiful pictures of your mom. The painting you purchased and named after her is so unique. Sending hugs your way, Tammy

  9. "I harbor regret for that."

    Dear One, don't you think it's time to release that regret, which hangs over you? And which hangs over your lovely memories, of your Mother? Hmmmmm... Don't you think...? It's time...?

    Gentle New Year's hugs...

  10. Btw, I certainly have many things to regret. But it simply does no good, to let regret linger.

    I didn't want to sound as if I have nothing to regret. Oh no, I have plenty. If I choose to dwell on it. I don't choose to do so. I choose to live today and tomorrow, and let yesterday go.

    Gentle New Year's hugs...

  11. What a lovely tribute to your mother. I can see by her pictures that she truely was a beautiful woman.

  12. Hi Jo Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share today. Thank you for introducing me to your sweet Momma, Jacqueline. She is beautiful, her smile contagious and the memories breathtaking wonderful. You can pull one from the shelf any time you want to dream about her. I love that most of all. Her color red, that is my favorite also. A beautiful bright, happy color. Red, red, red love it.

    I so enjoyed the painting that you found. Your Momma would be so happy to know that you found it. I am sure you left it just for you. It does look like her.

    Have a gorgeous New Year sweet friend. I so look forward to sharing 2011 with you as well.
    Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  13. Hi Jo,
    I certainly hold you in my heart with your end of year feelings, Jo. Your mother was beautiful, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us about this special lady.

    Here's to a peaceful, happy new year for you and carrying sweet memories in your heart all year long.

  14. Oh dear one, your post is such a loving tribute to your mother. The fact that you feel regret means that you have learned to love even more. And that is a good thing! Hugs to you.

  15. A beautiful tribute to your lovely mom Jo!
    You totally described my darling dad!! So much is always said about how important the mother is...I never realised until my dad passed how he was there more for me...quietly in the background never holding judgement or passing guilt like my mom continues to do.
    Release the regrets and enjoy memories of her smiling face!
    Pamela xo

  16. Such A Beautiful Post! I am very glad I read it. Thank You

  17. How beautiful...thank you for sharing!

  18. No one, NO ONE loves us
    as our Mother loves us.

    Warm Hugs, Jo,

  19. Your mother is so beautiful - I'm glad you have such great memories of her. sandie

  20. ...It is so very hard to lose someone so very dear, Remember her fondly with as much love as your heart can stand and she will always be close by!

    Happiest New Year to you dear one!
    xo, Rosemary

  21. Wow Jo...this was such a beautiful touching post! Your mother has a such a beautiful spirit..and so gorgeous! Thankyou for sharing special and heartwarming..hugs and hugs!I celebrate both you and her...and this beautiful symbolic compass/true north she is to you...inspiring Jo!!She is still there..look up in the sky the north star..she is shining bright!

  22. Your mother was such a beautiful soul and you have honored her with your heartfelt words.

  23. Now I know where you're gentle, caring soul comes from...less the demons. Keep her in your heart Jo and know she loves you too...

  24. Jo what a beautiful post and tribute to such a lovely dear lady. I know this time of the year brings us all down thinking about our loved ones in heaven.
    I am so glad that I came by today to catch up with you and find this by you. It only makes me realize even more why I love you dear friend

  25. Oh I love these photos of your mother. She looked so full of life. I am so very sorry you lost her so young. That must be difficult for the people in your life not to have known her.

    Thank you for finding me!

  26. Dear Jo,
    THis is wonderful - your Mother was beautiful. I am sorry that you had to lose her at such a young age. The painting must be very special indeed.
    THank you for sharing,


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