Friday, October 29, 2010



it is Friday how the time flies.......and time again for my JUST ONE THING give away....

As I indicated....I'm in the pairing down time of my life and want to share with one of you dear friends one thing that I love....but no longer use.  I've had the above sign in various spots around my home...but alas....I've run out of wall I'm offering it for my today's giveaway.

If interested......all you need do is leave a comment telling me WHY YOU BLOG......

It is just that simple.
Oops forgot to mention
winner chosen at next Friday's giveaway


Please stop by to visit her and her beautiful blog.....I know you will enjoy your visit!!

Hugs to all ~~ Jo
  P.S.  Julie.....please send me your address so
I can pop this little gift in the mail to you.


  1. Good Morning Jo: This is a lovely sign with a very important message. I blog because I felt a need to be part of shared creative souls...little did I know I would find not only that but wonderful and talented and caring friends to share with. Happy Friday to you my dear...

  2. Hello Jo
    I am Not Sure how you Feel about these..I have Something for You on my Blog. The Spirit in Which this is Given is Simply Gratitude.
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  3. I know I should simplify things around here,
    BUT - - - - - -
    On a positive side, I am reducing my fabric stash and buying very little.

    I began blogging as a way to share my recent activities with family. As it turns out bloggers from over The Globe visit more often than family. Go figure.


  4. I like your giveaways. I do love deeply!
    I blog because I have found so many friends who are like me. We share the same likes.
    I love to read about chickens and how to make soap. I like to share my garden and look at theirs. I love your lovely words and comments. I just delight in blog land.

  5. This sign is oh, so cute!!!

    I started blogging as a way to share recipes, and it turned out to be something very different, and hardly any recipes! I like blogging and the friends I have met are so dear to me. It is a good outlet.

  6. Blogging is a fun creative outlet for me and a way to share with other people who love the same things I do. I do believe to love you must love deeply or it isn't love. It's beautiful!


  7. i blog because i apparently have a lot to say and in doing so...i've met a lot of wonderful people. That's why i continue to blog.


  8. I blog because I totally love meeting sweet ladies like you, Jo!! The connections are just wonderful with women from all walks of life. It is one of the most uplifting parts of my day!

    Happy Halloween, my friend!


  9. Pretty sign Jo!
    I blog so I can connect with all my kindred souls!
    Pamela xo

  10. Hello my friend... oooh, I am sooo excited I won your last week's giveaway!!! I will email you my address, can't wait to receive my pretty tresor!... a friend of mine talked me into starting a blog a little over a year ago... I thought no one would ever look at it, but I love to write, I love to photograph, especially Nature, and I love to chat with interesting people... I never dreamed it would turn into the wonderful world of blogger friends (like you!) that it has!... I was shy most of my life, and to be honest, didn't quite fit in with the little cliques, nor did I want to... seems like there was alot of pettiness back in those old school days and I did not want any part of it... now, I have friends all over the world and it is so much fun to be a part of their lives, even just in some small way through their blogs... I loved traveling all over the country with you this past summer (via your posts), and I love your wonderful sense of humor and lively spirit! I could write a book about what I love about blogging, maybe I will!... xoxo Julie Marie (Merci for my prize!)... PS I want to see you in your witch's hat!!!

  11. Hi Jo, Love the sign hope it will be mine. Ha! I made a rhyme. Anyway, I blog because it is the only way I can get my art out there for people to view and it adds to my purpose in life. I am addicted to blogging. Love it. I also love visiting other blogs and I realize that comments really do make people smile.

  12. Darling Josette,
    I truly love your post. Congrats to the winner.. I too have no wall space. had to build an art Studio to hang all my art. I was hoping to meet people with art in common and also sell my art work. Alas, no sales.
    About the pearls, i don't know... yvonne

  13. Hi Jo;
    It Funny how things Transpire..Dawn of the Feathered Nest is who got me Blogging as Well!
    She is a Wonderful Lady with a Wonderful Spirit! Love her Blog!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend Jo!

  14. Oh JO! I think that what you are doing is such a great idea! I love it...I BLOG BECAUSE I LOVE TO EXPRESS MYSELF AND MAKE FRIENDS ALL OVER THE PLANET!

    You are a dear for coming to visit me....peace and love to you, Anita

  15. May I please jump in here and ask you to please come over and give a "Thumbs Up" to my Sat. post ,-) I know I'm a bit *frank,* but... Difficult times call for unique measures. ,-)

    Gentle hugs...

  16. Hi Josette,

    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment. Your blog is beautiful and such an inspiration. I surely will be back often! Thank you for letting me know of your use for the petticoat. What a unique idea!

    Oh and I blog to hopefully inspire others to take the time to create something unique!

    Warm regards,

  17. What a generous thing to do and I should be doing this myself instead of entering them. hahaha
    I blog now because of all the sweet, lovely, kind, generous people like you my friend

  18. I love to meet other creative people!

  19. OH are always so sweet and generous! Ha ha I know what you too..I am running out of wall space... What a gorgeous sign..and whoever wins and has the space will be lucky!yay

    I blog simply for joy and creative sharing..I like to celebrate the creative spirit in everyone.
    goodluck to everyone!

  20. Why do I blog? For friends, laughs, hugs and frustration! You know why I said that :)

    Just coming over for another quick peek. Sorry I've missed so loss. Life is slowly looking somewhat normal again. Except for the blog burp! Good thing I have two of them.

    Great idea for giveaways Jo. I'll have to come see all the beauties you're sharing.

    Keep being beautiful :)


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