Sunday, October 10, 2010

"HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS"....................... last we are home in our little spot in the Southwest.......It is good to be home.....Don't get me wrong, I am so very grateful that sweet hubby and I get to go on these little adventures........But Sweet DOROTHY said it best

I know, cleaning and dusting and catching up will be a first priority.....but it is so great to be in your one special spot
that you almost don't care how much you have to work to put it all back together.

I see that Miss Minnette could certainly use some sprucing up.....I found her a few yummy things to wear while I was out galavanting all over our beautiful country.

The coach is unloaded.....not everything is put away mind you.....but my sweet bathroom (which needs to be remodeled terribly (O:(O:) awaits....with yes......a 
Can't have one of these on a motorhome so I go a long time without being able to sit in a hot bubble bath.
Must be off hot bath and comfortable bed awaits.........

Glad to be back....I've missed visiting as much as I would will take a while to catch up.


  1. Dear Josette,

    Welcome back home! Indeed, home is where the heart is. Nobody knows that better than my husband and I for having been all over the world as International Consultants and even lived and worked in Indonesia for almost 3 years. The bathroom at home is one of those 'ultimate' luxuries when having been away for quite a while. I'm just 3 years behind you, but guess I've more mileage on my record with at least 1,500,000 miles in the air. Not on a motor coach though.
    You will fluff back and tackle the chores at home. Always amazing what one can accomplish in just one week's work!
    Enjoy being home and have a nice day/week!

    Sunny greetings from Georgia/USA


  2. Enjoy your digs sweetie~ Happy relaxing!!

  3. AH, so glad a took a late night peek and found you home safe and sound. Take a day or two before tackling all the chores, they'll still be there. Bubbles come first :)

    We both have computer things to catch up on so I'm glad summer stuff is pretty much over and we can settle in for the cooler stuff.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful country with us're awesome.


  4. WEEEEEEEEE! Home sweet home; DULCE DOMUM.....welcome home dearest...come over when all is cleaned up....Anita

  5. Sending a sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm. So happy to see you both safe and snug at home and glad to hear that your trip was wonderful. This is the perfect time to nest and if you ask me, a bubble bath is the closest thing to heaven! Ciao, bella!

  6. Yay...fabulous post ! And Welcome back Jo!!
    Beautiful photos too! Hope you had a fantastic trip!

  7. Yes, yes I agree! There IS no place like home. I hope you have enjoyed your first day at home and that your bath was heavenly!


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