Tuesday, March 23, 2010


At last report, we were anxiously awaiting our reunion with my husband's college and childhood friends.  My foot was in a Darby boot and I was attempting to be the "hostess with the mostess". 

Well, we pulled that off; everyone had a great time and we got caught up on years of news.

I got through the weekend fairly uneventful knowing that I would see an orthopedic surgeon at 9 a.m. Monday morning.

My husband went with me to hear what the doc had to say.  We arrived on time and were ushered right in.  To be told that surgery was not necessary as I have a condition called 
Freeburg Disease.  Whatever THAT IS!!!!!  Anyway, I left the office wearing this little beauty.

I know, it looks like a boot one of the soldiers from "Star Wars" would wear.  Anyway,
I have to wear this little beauty for six, YES I SAID SIX, weeks.  UGGGHHHHHH!!
Whilst attempting to stay off my feet as much as possible.

So, as I said, I am busy watching the clock.  One day down......only forty-one days to go!!!!

Guess I might as well enjoy it ........ since there is not one thing I can do about it!!!

(o:  (o:  (o:

Blessings dear friends,



  1. Oh girl, sorry about your foot. Better do what the doctor says so you can get better. I know what it's like and I feel for you.


  2. Well, I am so happy to hear that you don't have to have surgery, for me that is always wrought with complications. And at least the weather is perfect as far as keeping the foot the right temp in that contraption! It won't be fun, but neither is surgery. Have you Googled for info?

    Thinking of you, Jo.


  3. Beautiful photos...hope you begin to feel better real soon and all sparkly again ! While you are resting in this coccoon for 6 wks..may you receive many new wonderful blessings and gifts....and may they transform you into a beautiful butterfly once complete! Hang in there!
    Lovely post..great read!
    Have a beautiful evening!

  4. Dear Jo!-)*

    I wish you relax,easy week with you little foot and agin...You have beyond good photos,my dear friend!!!

    Much Love and tahnk you SO much for you lovely,kind comments,


  5. Hello Jo, I too am happy to hear you do not have to have surgery, but sorry you have to wear that awful thing on your leg and foot! Please take care of yourself and rest! Thanks for visiting me today... not sure if you read the post just before the one of mine that you commented on... I did a post about "Aging Gratefully" and I put a link to your cute post about "Reinventing Yourself" and how we don't want to!!! Hope the pretty Spring weather will make you feel better! xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Hi Jo, glad to hear no surgery is in the forecast, this is a good thing. I am with you, sit back and enjoy your six weeks of down time, it will fly by as long as you aren't watching all those clocks. Goodness you have lots of clocks to watch, beautiful clocks. Keep us posted on the adventure. Glad to hear you had a good time on the weekend.

  7. Dearest Jo,

    I pray that the time remaining will only be a time of FULL HEALING for you, and that this condition will subside. Then I hope that you will be able to MOVE ON and get out there and enjoy the new season!!!! Thank you for coming to see my glitter post. You are so kind.


  8. So glad you got through company and even enjoy conversation. Even better news is that no surgery for you! I love you boot and yes you might have some fun with it. What would be your Star Wars name? Do you have cinnamon buns for your hairdo? If your six weeks goes as quickly as this year is already going you will be out of that boot in no time. Happy healing...

  9. Well,
    looked up "Freeburg Disease"...no such thing....perhaps it is spelled different????? Hope today was restful......

  10. Ps...It is Freiburg Disease....I looked it up! :)

  11. You better find out just what this FREEBURG DISEASE is....ask or research..
    And I want to see pretty frilly's on your new boot next time! C'mon, you can pretty it up (o:
    Glad for the no surgery vote though..

    Know I'm thinking of you and thanks for stopping by again (o:

  12. Hey Jo. So sorry to hear you're having a time with that foot but glad to hear that you don't have to go through surgery. Try and take it easy and let that loving husband baby you awhile.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  13. aww poor Jo, I will pray for you sweetie. You certainly wont be the belle of the ball with those slippers! I hope it isn't too painful, I remember how bad mine was. Sending you a warm hug, and a cup of tea to soothe the pain xoxox Christel

  14. Sorry about the knee high contraption Jo...but at least you don't require surgery!!! That is a good thing!

    I know it is difficult not being as active usual...is there something you've always wanted to do, but never had the time(have to be able to do it sitting of course :0))...there you go you can give it a try now!!!


  15. ms jo...glad you had a good time with your company...and happy to hear that no surgery is required :)

    what can you do to help yourself with this new diagnosis?

    always in prayers... :)

  16. Hello Jo!
    Love your blog and want to thank you for becoming a follower. I hope you are feeling better soon! Have a wonderful weekend...Sending blessings & prayers your way


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