Friday, March 12, 2010


As I have mentioned before, my lineage is from a long line of French Huguenot's who immigrated to Virginia in l700.  That story I promise I will share at another time.

But the gist is I am a French lady who loves color in her home.  I know the French do too!

Look at this ceiling in Versailles, it is full of color; as was all of the palace.  Many of the artists working on the building of Versailles were French Huguenot's.  Anyway, I digress; my love of color.

Color is truly an expression of who we are and what we enjoy.  Orange is the color of creativity and red is the color of passion and so forth, at least so I have read somewhere.

Today, I'm sharing just a few shots of my home to inject some color into a blog written by a lady who loves everything French!  

For all of you out there who LOVE color; let's start strutting our stuff around blogland and show how truly beautiful ALL COLORS can be!

Blessings dear friends,



  1. Good Morning Josette...
    I so love this post. I have not one white room in my house. Nope not one, I am all about color.

    I am an old country gal that loves color, and with 8 grandkids how could I possibly have even 1 white room? It wouldn't last 10 minutes with the grands. They are kids after all.

    Thank you for sharing your color today. I adore it. Have a beautiful weekend. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. Jo, that blue room on your sidebar... gorgeous! That color sends my French blood racing. Of course, I have English, Scottish, Irish, etc. blood, too, but I do love that color and color in general! :-)

    I have Huguenot ancestors, too, and am wearing a Hugenot cross as I type. It's one of my favorite possessions, purchased in Charleston. So we have a lot in common! :-)

    But I have to agree with you. Color = a very good thing! My friend Claudie (French Canadian) is coming to visit, and she is a great lover of color. I'll be MIA during her visit and before (for the next two weeks), but I will see you when I return. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy a colorful weekend and week ahead!


    Sheila :-)

  3. I agree Jo. My living room was nothing but fawn,beige and different hues of wheat...very monochromatic, but got tired of the look and started incorporating splashes of red. Red pillow, pics and accessories...It worked like magic. Your home is bee U till ful!!


  4. your home is beautiful Jo! I cannot get enough of green..anytime, anywhere, so color for me is a no brainer!! You definately have figured out what works for you! Lovely, just lovely xoxox Christel

  5. Bonjour Jo,
    Love the colorful shots of your beautiful home. Color is nice and the French use it in such pretty, subtle ways - even in their clothes.

    THank you so much for commenting about the online magazine - I think it can be so much fun and I so appreciate your offer to be a part. Will be in touch as things progress, would love to any ideas or suggestions you may have.
    A bientôt

  6. yes JO :)
    our cottage...with all its treasures from family heritage has color of ever hue...
    more provence in some rooms...more tuscan in others...
    wander far enough throughout the winding rooms and you will find that holland, sweden, and ireland have all embraced us.
    to write as such, it sounds like a theme park :) lol but the subtleties play on one another and the cottage truly has become a work of art and a bright inspirational home.

    so glad to have lived here where cool calm colors and spaces are appreciated...but COLORs of the world reign supreme (mostly) LOL

    wonderful post!

  7. Good day,dear Jo!-)*
    Great post!
    Such great shot do you maked!
    I love colors SO much in everything!
    Honest,without colors I cannot imagine my life!

    Have a beautiful weekend,

    Love and hugs,


  8. Hello Jo, this is such a wonderful post... coming from another French woman, Moi, I must have beautiful colors in my life as well... many of the all white homes are very pretty, but sometimes I wonder how many of the ladies changing to all white truly love it, or just want to be what is supposedly "in"... I don't ever follow fads or trends, I do my own thing...I love the deep rich colors you have shown today in your home... Our home is full of the colors of Nature, which I adore... I too love all things French, and have many of my French family heirlooms about our home, and have always had my religious figurines displayed, which now is considered "in"... then again, I wonder how many people really even know what St. Francis and the others even represent... St. Francis has always graced my gardens... I have also wondered what these people have done with all of their furniture, etc, that is not white... do they throw it all our and start from scratch? I get attached to things, and love the comfy, warm feeling these things bring... I too think many of the all white homes are beautiful, but not for this French girl!... Merci for telling it the way it is! Bisous... Julie Marie

  9. I think there is this nouvelle vague in French decor that is very inspired by japanese minimalism and that is fine. I do think most french interior are very colorful. I can't live without color. Lovely blog you have here.

  10. I love the colors in your home. I am kinda a monochromatic type decorator but I love the injection of color here and there. Since I live on the coast, I do alot of furniture painting in bright colors. This is what the vacationers love for their beach homes, and mostly what I sell in my booth.
    But, I love color in other people's homes.
    It's whatever makes you happy.


  11. Hi Jo,
    thank you for sharing such beautiful pics of your wonderful home.
    although I love white and have some white pieces of furniture, I adore colors too, guilded mirrors, transferware, and floral patterns when it comes to fabric.
    great post!

  12. Jo~~~

    I loved seeing pictures of your home. Very vibrant!! Seems everyone agrees that color is so important in our homes. I personally am a pastel person, but if I see something I like that is bold, I don't hold back. I could never have all white, how do people keep it clean?

    Great post. I wish you a wonderful weekend!!


  13. Color is wonderful! I think I would go crazy in all is pretty to look at but I couldn't live with it. We are military, and are renting our home here because we know Uncle Sam will call us somewhere else soon. We have all off white walls. I fantasize often of the colors I would use if I could paint!
    I recently discovered I have a bit of French Huguenot blood as well! We've always thought we were Scotch/Irish, but in some family tree tracing we found out that one of the family names had been made English after the ancestor immigrated to Virginia. I am having a ball trying to keep tracing him on back!

  14. Oh, speaking of color, I am hosting a Green party on Tuesday if you'd like to join in!

  15. Well girlfriend you know about color and me!!!! I see Sissie visits your blog...she is my bunny swap partner!!! Nice nice lady!

  16. Your home looks lovely and color is wonderful. I am fortunate as I like everything. Thank you for sharing.

  17. I too prefer color. I am too messy to have an all white room.

  18. Can you please explain all those French blogs done in Gray and White? Please can you? You could get the feeling that they all decorate this way. How do they know when they are in their homes? Or perhaps in someone else's home? Pale Gray and White with bits of soft Color. It's a puzzlement.

    Yes, I too have my "Comfort Zone of Colors" and seem to just have to surround myself with them. :-)

    And I'd never be able to paint everything White anyway. My husband loves his woodworking and can't stand to paint over wood! Eeeeek! No! :-)

    Gentle hugs for the weekend...

  19. Today is our son's wedding!!!
    I am going to cry I just know it!
    Popped in to say hello and hope your weekend is grand!

  20. I too love seeing all the charming whites and shabby chic looks, but my home is a riot of color and a clash of styles. Eclectic as some would say. I don't think I could have it any other way. When I go to the homes of those who have things very simple or monochromatic I find it to be very blah -- and enjoy coming home to my rainbow. Thanks for sharing the colors of your lovely home. Many blessings, Tammy

  21. Good Morning Jo!
    I'm catching up on some good reading here plus getting my fix of your French colors...and yes, I do agree with you! My little world would be boring if it were just white! ;)

    About the comment of BH&G...I bought that quilt at Wal-Mart! They carry a fantastic line of BG&H believe it or not!
    Hope this helps in answering your question, and have a wonderful weekend :)

  22. I'm catching up too and love your home! I also need the color, nice warm ones. White walls? Naw..

  23. Your post made me laugh! I couldn't agree with you more!! I too NEED color in my life, my surroundings, my clothes, the people in my life...For without color, everything would be the same~

  24. I'm with you on the color thing! I especially like orange, so I find it interesting that it's the color of creativity.


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