Today, on my way home from my weekly Great Decision's Group, I spotted the above quotation on a delivery truck.  This particular quote has been used in the breast cancer awareness appeal.  However, I THINK, it should be used in our everyday life; healthy or not.

We are all reaching for certain goals in this life according to our own agenda.

But I personally believe there should be a few things that should be on everyone's personal agenda.

Each of us should learn something new every day.  It can be the smallest thing; but we should do it.


We all should eat as healthy as we are able.

Do some exercise each day, if we are able.

We need to make time for friends and family.

We should learn about and visit places in this beautiful country of ours.

We should all plant a flower or two.  It will make God smile; I know it does.

We should develop our spiritually, no matter what our religious affiliation is, and be tolerant of other's beliefs.

Each of us wants to do more than survive in this life.........we want TO EXCEL!!

Blessings dear friends,


  1. I LOVE your post today!!!!!It's beautiful and so true. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. sometimes sermons are sweet...
    like today :)
    love the way you are spreading the joy and the word :)

  3. Jo ~ You are a Real Blessing, This Post has truly touched My Heart....
    Thank You for Sharing

  4. "Each of us wants to do more than survive in this life.........we want TO EXCEL!!"

    Or how about changing the EXCEL, to a simple NOTICE? You know... As in "Do more than survive... NOTICE and BE AWARE of all our moments in life." "Not just slog along, almost mindlessly."

    Guess it's all the same message. :-)

  5. Excellent words and thank you for reminding us what is important. Very inspiring...

  6. Hello Jo, you look so very beautiful in the photo, you must be doing everything right!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Very interesting you have one of Vanessa's prints!

  7. Hi Jo, I am honored you have choosen to follow Art & Soul by Deborah. Your photos are lovely...
    I look forward to follow your beautiful and inspiring blog. Many Blessing Deborah

  8. Beautiful post...amazing quote! Thank you for sharing it with us.


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