Wednesday, March 17, 2010


 First of all, I want to apologize for not visiting many of you these last few days.  It seems my life has not gone as I had planned.  What is the old saying??  "You plan...God laughs"!!

Anyway, we are again expecting company for a short visit beginning this Thursday, yee gads that is tomorrow!!  My sweet husband has invited 4 of his old high-school buddies and their wives for a little golf and catching up.  You must understand; my husband has not seen several of these men for 43 years!!  How we all will recognize one another I will never know!  (o: (o:

O.K. so I have been fluffing and planning and fluffing and get the idea.


You guessed it; I have fractured my middle toe and I also have something called osteonarcosis.  (sp??)  I don't know how or when I broke this little sucker, but it has been hurting for about two weeks and finally it hurt so bad that I had to get it looked at.

X-rays were taken and an MRI was done and sure enough......Now I'm wearing this little lovely.  It's called a Darby boot.  It is really kind of a Royal Blue color; but I messed with the photo because I thought it looked  better in Sage Green.  (o: (o:

Of  course I had to embellish it a little, as I do everything.  So.......I had left over hearts from Valentine's Day and there you have it.  

I have to be honest, the timing is really BADDDDDDDD!!   I'm supposed to stay off of it and I have to entertain people for the next few days.  So, as my friend Jean would say;
Jo, put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES and get on with it.

I'm going to do just that!!!!!

Blessings dear friends,


p.s.  I'll catch up as soon as I can with each and everyone of you.


  1. Oh bless your heart Jo. I would be beside myself too. I can't imagine dealing with company and the pain. Looks like your husbands gonna owe you big time!

    Hope you feel better soon. Maybe they'll even wait on you. I'll say a pray.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  2. Maybe your broken toe and Darby boot will gain you sympathy and your company will do for you. May you enjoy your company and take good care of your foot.

  3. Dear Jo...Owie!! I broke my big toe once, and actually cried for days, the pain was just like nothing else I had ever experienced, at least with labor pains, they come and go, the fractured toe was throbbing, pounding kick my butt pain!! I hope your does not feel like that. Any way, this sounds a bit crazy, but soaking in ece really does help the throb, and the inflamation better than heat... Best of luck with regognizing the old fuddie duddies..haha just kidding, I forgot for a sec, I might be an oldie too! Hope you have a blast, maybe some wine will help the toe! xoxo Christel

  4. Hey SIL....remember: "Parma, Ohio" "Parma, Ohio"...I take it you got this diagnosis after we talked! See you Saturday :)

  5. Get well! Hope you feel all sparkly and shiny real soon! In the meantime..kick your feet up relax..get some TLC. The Boys will survive!!
    have a happy day..

  6. have my heartfelt sympathy :0)
    I had one of those things on that went up to my knee for 2 months about 6 years ago, so I have some idea of how you must feel!!!!!

    Just do as Kiki says...sit back & relax...I'm sure your company will fully understand & do for is what it is!!!

    PS...I love your friends saying "put on your big girl panties and get on with it"...priceless


  7. I hope you have a quick recovery. I love how you have embellished your cast - very chic:)
    Have fun catching up with old friends.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  8. Oh,my dear Jo!-()

    You can SO unbelievable pretty talking about you Darby boot...
    I can imagine these pain and also all you feelings,my dear friend!!!

    I hope that you feel much better very soon!-)))*

    With all my love and care,


  9. HA! I can't believe you decorated the Darby boot. So fun and colorful, just like you and your home. So sorry to hear of your toe, but thankfully it wasn't worse. Your guests will certainly understand if you have to sit back and put your feet up. Don't worry about being all and doing all. Just be wonderful you! Many blessings and well wishes, Tammy

  10. so sad to hear about your broken toe... ouch that must be very painful. wish you a quick recovery. I can imagine having a house full of people not feeling that fit must be hard but I'm sure you'll manage just fine and will even enjoy yourself, your little acking sucker permitting!

  11. Hello Jo, so sorry about your fractured toe... hope you get better quick! Let some of the other wives take over a little for you and rest up! Sending happy thoughts your way... xoxo Julie Marie

  12. Ouch! How awful for you! Hope you feel better soon!

  13. The doc told you to stay off of it?!?

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Do not listen to what your so-called friend Jean would say; "Jo, put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES and get on with it."

    You should NOT just get on with this entertaining.

    Good grief, what's the matter with your husband?!? Mine would have called all of visitors-to-be immediately and told them; "We all have to reschedule this visit." "Because I am not going to take chances with my wife's foot/health, for the sake of entertaining!"

    Good grief!

    What's the matter with him?

    What is he thinking of, letting them come?!?

    Good grief!

  14. Jo, Love what you did with the boot! Sage green is my fav color. As for the company, do what you can and the rest will take care of it's self! I'm sure those wives will pitch right in and all will go just fine!

    Have fun with it and I'm sure your husband will also chip in more than any realizes! Hugs!

  15. Jo, last year my husband and I both broke bones in our feet at the same time...different incidents and had to wear boots. It was crazy. I wish I would have known you then...I never thought to decorate mine. And mine was kind of a blackish-blue...not even vaguely cute!

    Hope your company went OK and you didn't overdo it.

    And if you did you get amply rewarded - ha!

  16. Oh No! Not your toe? For your company, you'll have to go.... to the take out place... so you can feed your face?
    Ok! Enough of this rhyming! You'll be fine and everyone can wait on you!

  17. You know what they say...when it rains it pours!
    I'm so sorry to hear about your toe...I hope you can stay off your foot as much as possible. And I hope you heal fast.

    You have a beautiful blog, I enjoyed visiting.
    Take care of you.
    Hugs, Debi

  18. Oooouch, sugar!!! That had to hurt. AND yessssss, I still iron...very few things but I iron. I told Love Bunny to stop buying anything in cotton so I didn't have as much to do...LOL LOL

  19. Sorry about your toe, but I love the embellishments on your boot, nice touch. I agree with the previous comments, that your company should do all the work and take care of you :) How long do you have to wear the boot?

  20. i am following all my blogs privately now, wanted to let you know that is why my avatar will not show openly in the google reader. i am continuing to deal with a nasty stalking issue, and so i must take this action, rest assured, i am here ... :) lifting you UP UP UP...good heavens i do hate to hear about your injury :(

    but wow, love your out look....and super med boot style!

  21. So sorry about your toe! Your boot is lovely! Glad all went well with your visit! Hope you are up to snuff soon!
    Hugs, Lisa


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