Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I know many of you out there, LOVE all things French; as I do.  My name is French
My mother's name was Jacqueline, which is French; and her maiden name was Maupin
(pronounced Mawpawn in French with the nasal element on the last syllable).

I come from a line of French Huguenots that immigrated to America in the 1600's.
That is another story for another time!!

Alas, the reasoning behind my love of the French and all things BEAUTIFUL!

These are just a few of the pictures we took on our trip to Paris and France a few years ago.  

I thought you might enjoy them!

Ceilings in the palace.  (Don't know who the guy is!!) :)

Headboard of the Royal Bedroom.

Marie's bedroom.

Ok......enough for today.  More to stay tuned!!

Have a beautiful day dear friends,


P.S. Can you imagine being the cleaning crew there?? LOL


  1. I just came upon your lovely blog and decided to become a follower. I also live in AZ but I am a full timer, yes even in summer!! I enjoy reading what you are up to and will return soon, I still have some catching up with you to do, Char

  2. Oooh,dear Josett!-)*

    This post is just a magical!!!

    You picterus about Varsale is pure Amazing,thank you SO much for share you thogts with us!-)*

    Many love and hugs,


  3. Hello Jo... I didn't know you were French too... have you traced any of your family back very far??? I have mine to the 1600's and it is sooo interesting! ALL of my grandmothers, great~grandmothers and so on (on my daddy's side of the family) were named Marie after the Queen...I was named after my daddy and my grandpa Jules (Jr. and Sr.) and middle name Marie for all of my French grandma's... my favorite great~uncle was Pierre Seraphin... I would love for you to share your stories about your French family history! How wonderful you have visited France! Your photographs are stunning! xoxo Jule Marie

  4. I can not imagine cleaning that gorgeousness. I have enough her in my own little world:) Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments. I have become a follower of you blog today. I'll be back.......
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. Beautiful Photos, I know I would have been Fired the First day if I had to be the Maid..... Pretty to look at but not for Cleaning

  6. Such an amazing place to visit. The 'house' and gardens, so spectacular :-)

  7. First thing, I've given you an award!
    Now, about *us* French Gals...ya, my dad's side comes here from England by way of France by way of Belgum! I'll have to tell that story soon and how they started pronouncing the last name different...
    Anyway, beautiful pictures..Regal!

  8. Beautiful. One of my favorite places.

  9. I am French too but I don't have any rooms like that. My mother is from the Champagne line and I keep hoping for the big inheritance but nothing has come yet.

  10. Jo, You have been to France, lucky for you. I love your name and I loved that it was French when we swapped. I tried to ad a little provence to the gift tags but I wasn't very good. I love French country, it is my favorite. My b-day is May,30. You do such a beautiful blog girl. Blessings Meg

  11. We spent 8 days in Paris, some years ago. But did not visit Versailles. How lovely that you did!

  12. Bonjour Josette,
    Yes you have been putting some ooh la la in your life! Beautiful images and it so interesting hearing about your French heritage. You have a lovely name too. Also I agree about the claning crew, but after learning some of the history of the 'cleaning practices' of the ear - well I don't they worried much about it!
    Looking forward to the next installment my friend, hope all has been well for you.
    Good evening to you!

  13. Hi Jo! Your pictures are gorgeous. I too have visited Versailles but wasn't smart enough to take pictures in detail like you did. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I loved Versailles! Loved, loved, loved it. It was my favorite day in France on my trip. I could not get over all of the gorgeous rooms and gardens.


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