I know, some of you may be thinking what is SHE thinking with that riot of color going on!!

What can I say, I like a LOT OF COLOR!

This is my sweet little studio, library, TV room where I go when I want to go to my own private fairyland.

I belong to a book club; so you will often find me in here reading a book or two.  I also love decorating mags and books so I have stacks of those!

You might wonder where in the world does she do any art or crafting?

Right here dear friends!  Now I don't do nearly as much as many of you fabulously creative ladies out there, but I do my share when the spirit moves me.

Behind the curtain is my little cubbyhole for creativity.

It isn't much......but it is ALL MINE!  My dog Sophie and I spend quite a few evenings on the sofa, reading or watching TV in my special fairyland!!

Now if you want to see a really fab studio...hop on over to 52l Lakestreet and see what Sandy has done!

Blessings dear friends,



  1. I think your studio is charming. It looks like such a warm and welcoming space. Just the right place to create.

  2. G'day ~ Looks like a great respite to me!
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Hugs, Marydon

  3. Hi there ~ Oh, I think you little retreat is beautiful!! I adore color too and it looks marvelous to me. How clever to put your working area behind the lace curtain - love it!

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  4. Hello, so nice to meet you. There are quite a few of us Az. bloggers, and it is so nice to meet another one. I love your room, it is just wonderful and what a great place to just get away to. I hope you will join us for Table Top Tuesdays and for our seasonal Cloche Parties. They are both so much fun. Hugs, Marty

  5. We all need our own *Space* and yours I love! So warm and cozy with splashes of color..
    Lucky little Sophie to be there with you.

    Have a great weekend Josette.


  6. I never would have known your niche was there if you hadn't shown us ... your room is so wonderful. so peaceful and relaxed.

  7. What a beautiful creative space you have. Gorgeous!

  8. I love it that you have made it totally yours! Just perfect!

    And Oh I want Faerie Lights in a gauze window topping too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I also love lots of color. I think your room looks cozy, warm and very inviting, Char

  10. I love your color! Looks like a place to cuddle up and forget your cares.

    God bless and enjoy your Saturday!!!

  11. Oooh Jo, I love your little fairyland! All of the homes with all white really are stunning, but they just aren't me either... I need color in my world, and your little getaway fairyland is sooo enchanting... I would spend hours in there, with a big cup of coffee and my daydreams... xoxo Julie Marie

  12. Josette,
    I love your cozy fairyland space. It's everything a girl could want and more. Love the big window letting in all the light. It's all so perfect.


  13. I love it!! And I know you do too!
    Hugs, Lisa

  14. Jo,
    These photos are so great! Love the effects you are using! You want to see a riot of color???? Come on over! Your is very subtle and soft....total opposites we are! Total! :)

  15. Hi Jo,

    Your space looks absolutely yummy! It's so warm and comfy looking, and I can picture myself there reading all your books.....LOL See you soon.


  16. Dearest Jo!

    Thank you for coming by to see my Dutch post; I love the Dutch Masters as well as my beloved Dutch friends....texture and rich beauty in both camps.

    I love your studio! I am currently working on mine!

    Have a great week, Anita

  17. The Muse invites you to visit her new posts at~
    www.adivashammer.com (prose)
    www.mysterymeatloaf.blogspot.com (just for fun)
    www.myladydujour.com (design)
    www.adivashammer.blogspot.com (word games)

    Be still my heart!
    An artist who dallies in profusion...
    Profusion of color...
    A menagerie of hues...!
    I create this way too!
    Be still my heart!

  18. Stumbled upon you marvelous blog and your little studio. I love the colors...we must have the same taste in hues. Very inviting I must say.
    Come and visit me when you can...your always welcome.


  19. How nice to find you by way of your visit to my Retired in Alaska. Oh yes I have seen that wonderful craft room re-do you spoke of on 521 Lake Street, one of my favorites. Nan

  20. Coming over from another blog cant remember the name! What beautiful rooms! Sooo lovely. I lived in Scotland with my Brit husband it was so very lovely there! Come visit my blog! Cheers, Janet ox


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