It is Springtime in AZ.....the most beautiful time here; if you can actually say we have a spring because it goes from being beautiful to HOT!

Anyway, March and April are THE TIME to be in AZ if you can.  We seem to have a lot of people visiting this time of year and moi is no exception .

Time to get busy:

Fluffing up the house......

Doing laundry 

Cooking and baking......

Maybe a pie or maybe a cake!!!

Making time for creativity.......

MUST put flowers in their room...


And the most important thing.....take time to enjoy them while visiting on the porch!!!

Lesson to be learned here:  Don't get so exhausted fluffing up your nest....that you have no time to truly enjoy your visitors.  It's the people who count..not the stuff!!!

See you in a little while dear friends,


        Photos courtesy of Flickr


  1. Jo...i love the hazy imagery it fits the post...the memories...the little things of life...the spots of preparation...i dare say your company will feel loved!

  2. Well, your fluffing sure looks delightful to me!!! I love your sentiments as they are soooo true. I hope you have a wonderful time with your company, so much that they will not want to leave!!!! ;)
    Going to beautiful Arizona is certainly on my bucket list!!!! I've heard such beautiful things about it.
    One day...{sigh}

  3. Jo,
    Quit messing with the size of your photo silly! It makes my eyes hurt! LOL
    This mpost made me laugh....ladies I am Jo's SIL and trust me I have known her 31 years and her house never looks messy! It is always beautiful!

  4. Happy Fluffing! Enjoy your guests.


  5. I love your yellow rose in the blue vase. Fresh flowers in their room? You will spoil your guests and they won't want to leave with all your baking and prepping. Keep creating...

  6. Who's comin'? I love AZ. especially Northern AZ.
    Sodona,Flagstaff and everything in between. Was in Scottsdale not to long the outlet Have fun with your company and watch the fluffing Jo.


  7. that is soooo true...I used to spend all my energies on the perfect meal, the perfectly clean house,,the perfect...well you get the's the easy going night that really matters...meaningful convdersation that counts! and not being too tired to truly enjoy the evening!

    I'll look for your follow button....come by and visit with me too sometime...


  8. What a lovely blog you have here! I have enjoyed stopping by. Come join me, although my blog is still a newbie. I have two giveaways. Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm late getting here but hope you're haveing a wonderful time with the company. I'll come check for the post telling us all about it. Oh, I loved the comment from your SIL...haha she would know (:

  10. I must agree! Company comes to see you unless you have your house on the market, and its an entourage of realtors, don't sweat the small stuff! Have fun with your company. By the way, Springtime will only be evident here on the calendar until late April. Can I visit AZ too? Love Ya Meg


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