Monday, November 23, 2009

Old things are the best things

Today I'm participating in Vintage Christmas Monday's hosted by The Potting Shed - Anything goes here - just click on the badge in the side bar and you can find out all about it.  O.K. now about the "VINTAGE STUFF' that is in my pics.  The ornaments belong to my dear mother-in-law, Lois, I was only able to spend 2 Christmas holidays with her before she passed.

These memories are very special to me, as my husband and I were newly married and I felt totally accepted in this new family of mine.  We were able to do all the things you do - make cookies, prepare a big meal, EAT A BIG MEAL, laugh and have  a good time.  

The vintage doll is one I found many, many years ago and it has always been included in my Christmas displays ever since.

I just threw in the book for looks - artistic license is allowed!!

Happy holidays to all of you- Warmest wishes


  1. I love all of the vintage ornaments, and the doll is a sweetie! I hope you'll be back next week with more goodies!
    Happy Vintage Christmas Monday!

  2. This reminds me of my mother's ornaments. I think one of my sisters has them now. The doll is sweet and totally belongs in a Christmas display.

    May I suggest making your blog print size a little larger. Us oldies have trouble reading it.

  3. Jo,
    Mom's ornaments are just perfect in this little grouping! They make me happy to remmember them on the tree! See you Thursday! And yes, I am resting! Love you! Sandy

  4. Sometimes the vintage things do come with bittersweet memories and that is what makes them so special to us. Thanks for being a part of Vintage Christmas Monday. You post captures the feeling I wanted people to have traveling around to the different blogs. xo Joan

  5. What a perfect composition of vintage Christmas you have here ... and warm memories as well!

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Lovely ornaments and the little doll is charming! Thanks for sharing...look forward to next week's VCM! Take care, Laura

  7. Hi Josette! I absolutely love vintage ornaments and yours are sooooo lovely!! Especially because they are from a loved family member. Many of the vintage ornaments that I have were ones that my husband used as a child growing up...that were his grandmother's originally...that makes them so very special in my mind!

    :) T

  8. Hello Josette... I am happy you were able to spend several holidays with your mother in law before she passed away, and now you have some of her beautiful treasures that are priceless... Bisous... Julie Marie

  9. What keepsakes that you have! The ornaments and the doll, make such sweet memories. Have a wonderful week!

  10. Just discovered your blog. I really like these old ornaments. Have a nice evening! @nne

  11. Hi Josette, I'm so glad you found the Bible Study, welcome, it's so nice to have you there!
    Looking forward to getting to know you!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. I love your beautiful heirloom ornaments Josette....I know you must treasure them sweetie! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, hugs and love, Dawn


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