Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hello everyone - this is my first post for vintage thingie Thursday.  I'm not so sure if I have done this correctly as I am really new to blogging - but here goes:

I have posted photos of an old photo album that my wonderful Aunt Ruthie gave to me the last time I went to visit her in Kansas.  This photo album is over 100 years old - as you can probably tell by its condition.
I have very few artifacts from my family of origin as my mother died quite suddenly while I was in my 30's and unfortunately, my family did not do much to make sure any of her possessions were saved.  This is one of a few things that I have to remind me of my wonderful grandmother and mother whose photos are scattered throughout the photo album.  I'm truly honored and pleased that my dear aunt chose to give it to me as it is truly a treasured possession.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. What a wonderful treasure you have with that old family album. I know you cannot keep everything, but I have regretted I did not keep more of the other generations things. Glad you joined us today. I am sure you will enjoy seeing all the many interesting vintages things out there.

  2. I like the name of your blog, and the reason for it! That album is a wonderful family heirloom to have. Family photos are a great way to keep our loved ones in our hearts! I'm glad you joined us today, and I hope I'll see you next week!
    Happy VTT!

  3. Josette!!!!

    I am so impressed SIL!!!!!! This is a beautiful post and you figured our McLinky, and the photos are incredible! Welcome to Blogland! I just know you are going to love this journey! You are officially up and running now! That photo album is so priceless...Ruthie did a good thing in giving it to you.... Love you! Sandy

  4. The photos in that album are a priceless treasure! I cherish all of my old family photos. I've done a lot of work on my family's genealogy and putting the pictures together with the facts I've collected has helped me get to know the family members I never met.
    Welcome to blogging. I love your blog header!

  5. What a wonderful keepsake treasure!

  6. Welcome to VTT. I love old albums. So glad you have this treasure from your family.

  7. welcome to VTT Josette..what a wonderful first VTT post!..those photos are REAL treasures & i LOVE your blog banner & name too..HAPPY VTT!!

  8. Josette,

    I think you did a WONDERFUL job of your VTT post. Thanks so much for joining AND for starting blogging. I think you will LOVE it here in cyberland with all of us.

  9. Oh.... it's beautiful Josette. Absolutely precious. I'm so happy you have that!

  10. What a wonderful old album and photo's.

  11. Josette - Welcome to Vintage Thingies Thursday!! What a wonderful first post...nothing like looking at old family photos. I love your blog, and feel the same about my own grandmother! I am so glad you joined us today, and will look forward to your post each week! We have a great time here!

    Have a great VTT and a wonderful holiday week ahead!

  12. Welcome to VTT and it looks like you did everything right as photos and type turned out great! What a treasure Aunt Ruthie gave to you. Last year I went through all of my parents albums and scanned all of the old photos I wanted. I'm so glad I did.

  13. Lovely pics. Thank goodness you have them to treasure!

  14. What a treasure!

    P.S. I like your banner.

  15. welcome to VTT we are a great group of friendly ladies!
    Your album is a treasure.

  16. Welcome to VTT! Your photo album is beautiful! I adore old photos, but I don't have many of my own family. I like to hunt down photos of other people, though. I just find them fascinating!

  17. Welcome to VTT! I love your old album. It's a great treasure. My mom has one very similar to this. The cover is leather. I look forward to your next post.

  18. Your header is lovely; made even more special because of the intiment things reminding you of loved ones.
    The photo album is such a treasure, I hope the photos are labeled to make it easier for subsequent generations to "recognize" loved ones gone on before.
    Heritage is our best legacy.

  19. Welcome!
    Awesome old photo album.

    Thanks for coming by to visit and leaving a comments.

    Hope you have a super end of week.


    barbara jean

  20. Welcome to VTT and what a wonderful thing to share! I love old photographs and treasure pictures of my great-grandparents.

  21. Glad you have the photo album. What a nice treasure you have. Especially as it contains your relatives, and not one just purchased (even though I love my instant relatives...) It just has tons more meaning as it is personal. Thanks for sharing.


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