Now that Thanksgiving is over and we should be ready for the next round of eating it is time to talk about Christmas.

I am old enough to remember a time when the Christmas Season did not start until the beginning of December.  In today's world it  seems Christmas begins in October.  It is not uncommon, at all, to see Christmas decorations displayed right along with skeletons and Halloween masks.  I don't know - I kinda' miss the old times - don't you?  It seems like it was a gentler time.  

That is why Blogland is so great.  All of you out there seem to like vintage stuff and the simpler the better - this is such a special community to be in  - and I for one am READY TO DO CHRISTMAS!

So here goes - just something I made from junk I had around the house.  It turned out well don't you think?

Took an old nightlight - glued on Christmas stuff I had around the house and voila' a cool looking Christmas night light.  I plan on using this in a gift exchange with friends.  Cost?  $l.50.  How's that for simple and frugal.

Santa is commin',

Bless you all -


  1. A wonderful idea indeed. As you said simple and frugal. I love blogland~ where else could you see such a variety of vintage Christmas stuff! xo Joan

  2. Your nightlight turned out really lovely! Such a great idea, because you can get those pretty cheap, and then really transform them like you did!
    Happy Vintage Christmas!

  3. I am still amazed at this! You are on a roll SIL !!!!! Love, Sandy

  4. Wow, you are rolling right into Christmas with the sweet little nightlight. Cute idea!

  5. Josette, I just discovered your blog and I couldn't be more delighted! I agree with you about missing things the way they used to be. This year I am making most of my kids presents. We are vintage lovers, too and would rather have something old for a gift than something from the mall:) Have a great week! Twyla

  6. Great idea for the nightlight and you can't beat the cost! This will make a great gift for your gift exchange.

  7. I like things to look old and traditional. It is important to kids to have traditions even when they are young adults.
    For the life of me I couldn't figure out what this was. Great idea.

  8. Like you, I remember when Christmas started first of December and we looked forward to it with immense joy and pleasure. We lived a lot more simply, with a lot fewer gifts but those gifts were the sacrifice of our parents. Many times, Mother and Daddy would go without so we children could have something special.
    For me, Christmas will always be that kind of love.


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