Well, it has taken some time, but Michelle from Shabby Creations has finally finished my banner.  She did a great job, don't you think.  This was a fun project as I put things that were meaningful to me in my banner.  My grandmother Maupin died when I was very young, but to this day when I think of her , I realize how much she influenced me.   She dressed  beautifully in her time, was very spiritual and gave me the only doll I ever owned.  Her home was one of comfort and warmth to a little girl who came from less than an ideal environment.  Her house was close to mine in the little town where we lived.  I would often walk over to visit and she would make me a wonderful lunch and show me her latest gardening successes in her yard.  I surely miss her, and as I have gotten older, am beginning to realize no matter how long someone is in your life they can truly make a difference.  So please, dear friends, open your eyes today and notice everyone and anyone who you come in contact with -  you never know how much they will influence you.

On another note, this morning while wandering around blogland, I came across another wonderful giveaway.  The Brocantess is having a beautiful giveaway, please click her to enter: to enter.  YOU WILL LOVE THIS!


  1. Oh Jo!! It's just BEAUTIFUL!! I love everything! What a wonderful collage of treasures and it looks so good with your background too! We women love for our "homes" to be pretty don't we?? I hope your day is going great sweetie ~ and you're right, we should always remember that how we treat someone, even if it's for a short time, it could affect their day, week or even more! hugs and love, Dawn

  2. She has done a fabulous job. The banner is so special. I also like the old keys on the labels on the side bar.
    I am glad for you that you had your grandmother to soften the harshness. We should always try to be the person in someones life that makes that difference.

  3. Thankyou for your sweet comment! I am loving traveling up the coast as seeing sights that I haven't see for years. And in a travel trailer is a first for me.

    Your banner is indeed a work of art from the heart!

  4. Your blog is looking so lovely! Thank you for following me along on my latest adventure!

  5. Very pretty and well done. Looks really nice.

  6. Jo,

    This is just beautiful, and I know how much your grandma meant to you.....when we keep the people that loved us close in our heart, they never really ever go away.....Love you! Sandy


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